In 2000, we pioneered online camp management technology to make life easier for both camp directors and families. ACTIVE’s vision was to transform our youth into an active generation by enabling camp organizers (just like you) to thrive and grow.

Today, with more than 3,000 camp and youth program customers, the largest team of camp technology experts in the industry, and more than a million camper registrations powered by ACTIVE every year, you and your campers themselves continue to inspire us. We are more determined than ever to get—and keep—our youth active!


Camp Manager software is one of ACTIVE Network’s premier technology solutions—designed to help you get campers, manage your operations efficiently, and build an engaged community.

Did you know what else ACTIVE technology solutions power? We not only support camps, but classes, faith-based organizations, races, team sport, community centers and so much more—all from the same ACTIVE Works cloud technology platform.

ACTIVE Network, the leader in Activity and Participant Management™ solutions, is on a mission is to make the world a more active place. 

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