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NuMinds Enrichment in Frisco, Texas, founded by Ben Koch, M.Ed. and JustinVawter, M.Ed., is an educational enrichment company driven by passion and curiosity, designed to be an added layer of exploratory learning that traditional classrooms can’t typically provide.

NuMinds’ early attempts to find administrative tools to process registration, class management and payment were so frustrating that the program was at risk of folding if a streamlined system could not be found.

Clunky Software Deters Customers

In the first year of operations, NuMinds managed registration through a homegrown system and PayPal. Processing 150-200 kids through the first camp was such a logistical nightmare, the team vowed not to run another camp if they couldn’t find better tools.

In the second year, they tried a class management system that was so cumbersome and confusing for customers that some actually turned away from the camp. Staff spent 15-20 hours a week on customer service and technical trouble-shooting issues, rather than program focus.

In its third year, NuMinds chose ACTIVEWorks® | Camp & Class Manager. Cofounder Justin Vawter appreciates its “straightforward user experience and intuitive back-end design.”

200% registration and revenue growth

Big Revenue Growth

In the past, revenue trickled in unreliably, offset by varying credit card charges. Often, invoices were confusing and irreconcilable with account statements. Now, ACTIVE’s flat fee rate levels payment processing costs, and NuMinds is enjoying a revenue increase well over 200%.

Invaluable Time Savings

Camp set-up and reporting have improved significantly, saving an estimated 15 hours a week across all employees:

  • + Before ACTIVE, it took staff over 3 hours of trial-and-error to set up a program. Now, it takes less than 20 minutes per program.
  • + Previously, staff couldn’t procure decent reports, resorting to copying and pasting information into an Excel document. Now, they have access to reports that are customizable and simple to run.

Efficiency Stimulates Program Growth

With administration streamlined, the award-winning program now boasts:

  • + Underground University (night school enrichment with 6 courses)
  • + After school enrichment
  • + Saturday and holiday camps
  • + Private sessions and individual coaching and assessment
  • + Camp Pursuit

Although the popularity and quality of the program is its strength, Cofounder Ben Koch acknowledges that ACTIVE’s solution has played a significant role in NuMinds’ phenomenal growth.

“It’s not a stretch to say that we now save over 15 hours a week by using ACTIVE Camp & Class Manager.”
Debate Camp logoJustin Vawter,
M.Ed and Lead Inspirator

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