Pop-Up Sessions: Engage Campers When Nobody’s Thinking About Camp


We talk a lot about engaging with your customers during the off season, but do you struggle with how, exactly, to do that?

Just talking about your camp or school when your participants aren’t thinking about you isn’t going to cut it, but these new pop-up session ideas might!

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4 Tips for Building Your Data Story


What mental image does the word “data” conjure up for you? Do you imagine a dry set of facts that stays behind the scenes?

On the contrary, your business data can be a launchpad for telling compelling stories about your camp or school—stories that influence customers to choose you over your competitor. In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how stories help people connect with their emotions, which neuroscientists say affect their decision-making.1 Continue reading

3 Questions Youth Sports Directors Should Be Asking


Raise your hand if you believe athletics are important to a healthy childhood.

You’re not alone. Sports have become tightly woven into the psyches of parents, educators, and youth experts as not only valuable, but key to a healthy childhood. And for good reason. The Aspen Institute’s Project Play lists these benefits for young athletes:1 Continue reading

Told a Good (Data) Story Lately? Part 1


Have you ever thought of storytelling as a venue for increasing sales? A recent article in Forbes says it succinctly: People hear statistics, but they feel stories.1 According to Forbes, when you package business data into a story, you help your audience move from the logical side of the brain to the emotional side of the brain.

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How & Why to Incorporate User Generated Content into Your Marketing Strategy

user generated content child offering flower

Wikipedia defines user generated content (UGC) as “any form of content such as blogs, wikis, discussion forums, posts, chats, tweets, podcasts, digital images, video, audio files, advertisements and other forms of media that was created by users of an online system or service, often made available via social media websites”.

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Is Facebook Live Right for You?


Once again, Facebook is taking social engagement to the next level.

Viewers of these real-time video events have been able to ask Stephen Spielberg questions about his latest movie, attend batting practice with the Texas Rangers, or just hang out with a quirky friend while he feeds his fish every morning.1

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Now That Your Session is Over, Customer Feedback is Your Top Priority

Don't waste-your time on customer feedback blog image

If you direct a summer program, the start of school marks a new season of to-dos. Hopefully, you have time to breathe, plan and strategize again ­– to find those notes you may have scratched out over the summer to remind you of all the things that would have to wait until you finished your season.

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[Slideshow] How Do Kids Activity Directors Envision Success?

We’ve been noticing something about the amazing people who choose our camp and class management software.

Camp directors, school directors, coaches, athletic directors, mentors – many times these folks want something different than your typical business owner. The traditional thinking is that anyone who launches a program wants it to grow as big as it can. Every dollar earned is a tick mark toward the tangible “success” by which most enterprises measure themselves.

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3 Secrets of Pokémon GO You Can Use in Your Program

Pokemon blog image

Pokémon GO is officially the most popular digital game of all time!

Even if you took a break from technology this summer, you’ve most likely heard about the phenomenon driving kids and adults to seek out digital creatures in an augmented reality at unprecedented rates:

  • 21M daily active users in the US alone
  • $23 billion value increase for Nintendo in weeks following the game’s release
  • 645M+ posts, shares, reactions, and comments about the game on Facebook

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