Are You Ready for the 10 Questions Every Camp Parent Should Ask?

This guest post was provided by Avid4 Adventure, an adventure camp in Colorado, and 10-year parter with ACTIVE Network.


All parents want to choose the best and safest experiences for their child. Here are ten questions they should ask--and you should be prepared to answer–before enrollment. We recommend you take it a step further and proactively include this information about your camp on your website and brochure.

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Leverage Spring Break Memories to Market Summer Camp Activities


By the time Spring Break rolls around in March or April, families are weary of winter, school projects, and schedule-juggling. Sunshine and free time beckon like light at the end of a long dark tunnel. The end of drudgery is near!

By the end of Spring Break, however, many parents are singing that familiar, end of summer tune: “Only ___ more days til they go back to school.”

For any youth activity organizer, Spring Break can serve as a fresh reminder of not only Summer’s awesomeness, but also Summer’s challenges.

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Is Your Camp Website Fulfilling Its #1 Goal?

family_computer_with_webpageDoes Your Website Trigger Visitors to Take Action?

When new visitors click on your program or camp website, statistics say they’ll give themselves 3-5 seconds on your home page before deciding if they’ll stay or leave. And 70% of the people who decide to leave your website, will never return.

It may seem like getting a new web visitor to take action is like finding a four-leaf clover, but with a few simple tweaks, you can change that. The first question you need to ask yourself before optimizing your site to its fullest potential is: What action do you want your visitors to take?

Determine the Desired Action You Want

Figuring out the main goal of your program or camp website may sound like a no-brainer, but it requires some strategic thought. While revenue may be the ultimate driving force for many of your desired actions, it’s not your website goal. Your first goal is not even to gain a customer. Your first goal is to get them to engage or, to be more specific, clickIf you interest them enough to click, you’re one step closer to your financial goals.

If they already know what they want, you may get them to:

  • Register for camps, classes or events
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Donate to your organization
  • Follow you on social media
  • Accept a free offer

The real questions are, how hard do they have to work to take one of these actions and do they want to do it badly enough to pay the cost of figuring it out?

Boldly Show the Way

Some program or camp websites are so busy or complicated that visitors can’t automatically see the action you want them to take. Remember, you only have a few seconds, so make sure you:

  • Dedicate a place for your call to action (CTA): Put your call to action at the top of your webpage. It should be easily seen, accessible and at the same place on every page. Make it big enough to stand out.
  • Declutter: Utilize the white space on your site so your action buttons are more visible and don’t get lost in the clutter or compete with too many other choices.
  • Test Button Colors: Play with different colors to see which ones your market responds to. (This blog post gives some interesting thoughts about the use of color.)

Button color quote

  • Be Logical: Make sure that when the call to action is clicked on, visitors arrive where they expect to arrive, and that the page they land on is easy to understand and helps them complete that action. Consistent branding helps them know they’ve arrived at the right place. If it’s too complicated or the form has too many fields, they’ll drop off.
  • Use Verbs: Passive writing tends to feel less energetic and often fails to trigger a desire to make a move. Don’t speak passively; beckon your visitors to do something (or get something). Use phrases like:
    • Register today (vs. Registration)
    • Subscribe to our newsletter (vs. Newsletter Subscription)
    • Get started
    • Learn more
    • Act now
    • Sign up
    • Try it now!
    • Find out why ____
    • Discover _____
  • Avoid exclamation marks: Don’t try to liven up your text with a lot of exclamation marks. It just ends up looking sales-y and amateurish.
  • Don’t use “click here” on your buttons or in your text: People scan text and click around on things that seem to offer what they’re looking for or just sound interesting.

Link quote.SmashingMagazine


Wrapping Up

Your website is your storefront, the first place potential customers go to get their first impression of you. It’s important to get it right. If you’d like to go deeper on this subject, perhaps you’d enjoy our listening to the recording of our recent webinar on the topic:

Camps Website Opt webinar recording invite

6 Steps to Launching Your New Program

Are you preparing to launch a new camp or program? Or maybe you’ve already launched, but your efforts aren’t generating the enthusiasm you’d hoped for.

In our experience working with hundreds of camps and educational programs, we’ve distilled a successful launch process down to six main steps that fall into the category of class or camp marketing:

Camp Launch Infographic.Blog

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Today’s Trending #Tri-State Topics

We’re loving the vibe at ! If you’re here, come visit us at Booth #633. Sign up for a 1:1 consult with our camps marketing guru, Will Bowman, to get answers to your unique challenges, or just say hi!

If you’re not at Tri-State, we’re sorry! You don’t have to totally miss out though. We’re bringing you the top tips we’re hearing. So, wherever you are, the top three trending topics are Social Media and Customer Engagement, Video, and Google Analytics.#Tri-State Top Three Tips

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What do Google, Mobile, and Deadlines Have in Common?

mobile camp registrationFor some, the words “Google,” and “mobile” mean OPPORTUNITY. (Nobody likes deadlines). For others, these words strike terror in their hearts:

  • Deadlines subtly imply that something terrible–death?–could happen if you don’t cross the finish line on time
  • Mobile is awesome! (Unless your website isn’t mobile-enabled)
  • Yay for Google! (Unless Google is keeping you off the first search results page. If that’s happening, check out our 3-part blog series on Getting Found in Google)

If these words don’t make you smile, we hate to be the bearer of bad news. But we also want to make sure you’re ready for the soon-to-happen moment these three concepts collide:

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ACTIVEkids: How to Raise Your Brand Awareness (and more) Without Lifting a Finger

compressed ACTIVEkids gecko
Everyone loves a “Win-Win,” getting something for nothing, and seeing an increase without additional effort. That’s why we’re super excited about yesterday’s launch of, the all-in-one place where parents can discover and register their children for activities.

We’re excited because it’s going to give camp directors like you something very valuable. For free, no strings attached. And we’re excited because nothing like this has ever existed!

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10 Tips for Crafting Better Subject Lines and Getting Your Emails Read

email tabletAre people reading your emails? Or are your messages sitting ignored in the corner of inboxes? Not being noticed brings back awkward junior high memories for us, so we decided to put together a list of ways your emails can grab the attention of your campers’ parents (aka the popular crowd).

Email subject lines are the first thing people see and, therefore, are really, really important. It’s easy to switch up the words you use in subject lines and see which get the highest open rates, so try these 10 ideas and see if any finally get your emails the attention they deserve.

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