How to Respond to Negative Social Media Comments

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Would you say you deliver superior service to your customers? 80% of companies think they do. But guess what? Across the board, only 8% of their customers agree.

Ouch! Most of us are clearly out of touch and have a lot of work to do when it comes to recruiting an army of “Raving Fans.” Getting feedback on our customers’ experiences is critical, and now more than ever, social media provides just the platform to get the inside scoop on what people are experiencing – good or bad.

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Be Well: 4 Self-Care Tips for Finishing the Season Strong

Reflect to Recharge

“I take care of myself, so I can care for others.” Camp directors and staffers should keep this mantra in daily circulation. Here’s a simple sample exercise from one camp director for jumpstarting personal health habits this summer. (Can you find the mantra?)1

Reframe Your Anxiety

Physical feelings of anxiety are caused by the release of the hormone noradrenaline and, it turns out, are the same sensations we have when we’re excited. It’s our thoughts that tell us which one we’re experiencing. Combat anxiety by reframing the emotion as excitement. The effects may be short-lived, so feel free to put the phrase “This is excitement” on repeat throughout the day.2

Stress-buster Snacks

For stress-relieving nutrition, stash these on-the-go snacks: Oranges, bananas, raw veggies, yogurt, tea, or a handful of almonds, walnuts, or pistachios. For stress busters that also can help you sleep, have a cup of milk, or go crunchy with whole-wheat pretzels or crackers.3

Good, Clean Fun

Help staffers (and yourself) find healthy ways to spend days off. Discussing plans ahead of time will build anticipation for positive activities and enhance mental health during the countdown. Encourage them to sleep in, cook out, and reconnect with loved ones. Brainstorm fun, restorative ways to decompress—alone and with others.4

Camp management software that automates and streamlines your registration, administration and communications might be the best self-care decision you make this year.








A Shout Out to the Classy Folks: School Directors

Teachers and Directors, we think you have class! What you do day-in-and-day-out deserves celebration.

Besides creating great class management solutions to help you operate and grow your business, we also wanted to help you reframe–for just a moment–the humorous side of your calling with a few teacher memes.

So old-school, it’s coming back.

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A Customer Retention Tip: Use the Power of Memory

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As a kids’ program director, you know that students and campers return, at least in part, because of how they remember the experience. That’s why you care about the quality of every aspect of their involvement with your organization, from beginning to end–and back again!

Learn the 3 stages of crafting happy experiences

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Be Well: Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

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These days I spend my summers in an air-conditioned office. Though I do interesting work, I can find myself fantasizing about the summer scenes you’re involved in. You may be out in the summer heat–wilting–but, nonetheless enjoying the sight of campers, students, or athletes playing, laughing, learning, and reaping the benefits of your program or… you may be experiencing something less picturesque. Continue reading

5 Smart Ways to Play the Social Media Game

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For those of you using social media to promote your business, we know from experience that every post, tweet and status update can feel like a shot in the dark.

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Maybe It’s Not Your Program – Maybe It’s Your Registration Forms


Could this story happen in your program?

Great program? Check!

Last summer, my kids had a great experience at a small sports camp. The sports were the kind they could use their whole life—tennis, golf, swimming, and fishing, which I value. In addition, the price was right, the location was convenient, and coaches and directors not only were highly qualified, they showed a sincere interest in my children (who are solid athletes, but not stars). We gave them a big thumbs up!

Download Registration Forms that Work: A Guide to the Ideal Forms, Fields and Flows. 

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4 Tips for Helping Parents Survive Your No-Cellphone Policy

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As cell phone use among kids increases, so does the frequency of parent-child contact. Psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman has even referred to the cell phone as “the world’s longest umbilical cord.”[1]

So what happens when kids go to a sleep-away program that prohibits devices and personal cell phone use? Can parents embrace their child’s hiatus from technology,
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ACTIVE Network and JumpForward Take University Athletics to the Next Level

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We have exciting news!

As of today, ACTIVE Network has acquired JumpForward, the market leader in NCAA recruiting, compliance and business office management.

We’ve been following JumpForward’s success for some time now, so naturally we’re enthusiastic about what the future holds for our valued university and collegiate customers. The addition of JumpForward’s offerings to the ACTIVE product portfolio will surely give customers a competitive edge.

If you’re a coach, a compliance department or an athletic director, JumpForward will be invaluable to your: Continue reading