Be Well: Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

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These days I spend my summers in an air-conditioned office. Though I do interesting work, I can find myself fantasizing about the summer scenes you’re involved in. You may be out in the summer heat–wilting–but, nonetheless enjoying the sight of campers, students, or athletes playing, laughing, learning, and reaping the benefits of your program or… you may be experiencing something less picturesque. Continue reading

5 Smart Ways to Play the Social Media Game

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For those of you using social media to promote your business, we know from experience that every post, tweet and status update can feel like a shot in the dark.

Sometime you surprise yourself and do a happy dance at your desk as you see the likes and shares increase before your eyes. Other times you hit “enter” and wait, silently, imagining your carefully crafted content spiraling down a dark, black hole. “Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there..?” Continue reading

Maybe It’s Not Your Program – Maybe It’s Your Registration Forms


Could this story happen in your program?

Great program? Check!

Last summer, my kids had a great experience at a small sports camp. The sports were the kind they could use their whole life—tennis, golf, swimming, and fishing, which I value. In addition, the price was right, the location was convenient, and coaches and directors not only were highly qualified, they showed a sincere interest in my children (who are solid athletes, but not stars). We gave them a big thumbs up!

Download Registration Forms that Work: A Guide to the Ideal Forms, Fields and Flows. 

Timely notices? Check! Continue reading

4 Tips for Helping Parents Survive Your No-Cellphone Policy

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As cell phone use among kids increases, so does the frequency of parent-child contact. Psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman has even referred to the cell phone as “the world’s longest umbilical cord.”[1]

So what happens when kids go to a sleep-away program that prohibits devices and personal cell phone use? Can parents embrace their child’s hiatus from technology,
even when it means a hiatus from them? Continue reading

ACTIVE Network and JumpForward Take University Athletics to the Next Level

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We have exciting news!

As of today, ACTIVE Network has acquired JumpForward, the market leader in NCAA recruiting, compliance and business office management.

We’ve been following JumpForward’s success for some time now, so naturally we’re enthusiastic about what the future holds for our valued university and collegiate customers. The addition of JumpForward’s offerings to the ACTIVE product portfolio will surely give customers a competitive edge.

If you’re a coach, a compliance department or an athletic director, JumpForward will be invaluable to your: Continue reading

Does Your Organization Need Complete Management Software? Maybe Not.


Year after year we’re amazed by our program clients and camp partners who think outside the box to enrich kids’ lives with your creative leadership and outstanding programs.

As a technology company, we often discussNuMinds CTA the value of a complete management solution with organizers like you. Naturally, we’ve seen the game-changing effects of comprehensive technology on programs, but we do occasionally meet kids’ program organizers who conclude that they don’t need it.

Not everyone does.

We’ve come to see that perhaps not every organization does need that level of technology. For those who’ve wondered if program quality or their current customer base is enough to grow their organization–or whether they even want to grow their organization–here’s a quick evaluation to help you decide: Continue reading

Stuff that Bugs Parents about Kids Programs This Time of Year

Man and Giants BugsWith summer approaching and fall right on its heels, everybody who has anything to do with kids is BUSY and trying to accomplish A LOT.

“This time of year” is really any time of year when sessions or programs are starting or ending. And at those times, parents’ two top pet peeves seem to revolve around communication with kid’s programs staff. Continue reading

Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Countdown to Camp

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Whether you’re counting down the days to camp or the first day of classes, anticipation is a key part of the experience for those who are participating. No one gets this better than Starbucks.

Every year, Starbucks welcomes fall with a special drink that emerges for only a few months: The Pumpkin Spice Latte. With over 200 million cups sold per year, this Starbucks heavyweight rakes in a whopping $1 billion in revenue, inspiring memes and more than 2.5 million posts on social media annually. Continue reading

Guest Post: From the Camp Years to a Gap Year

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Guest post by Camille Heidebrecht, a regular contributor Winterline Global EducationShe is an avid freelance writer and parenting blogger. She plans to pass her knowledge of the gap year industry to both high school and college students, including her own teens. @camilleheide

The Progressions of Summer Camp

I distinctly remember my summer camp days as a kid in rural Pennsylvania. For most of each summer, I attended a day camp:  Dodgeball, structured arts and crafts, a packed lunch, and afternoons at the camp pool. It was fun seeing all of my camp friends every day, looking up to my counselors (whose jobs I couldn’t wait to have), and hitting the snack shack at 3:00 p.m. Continue reading

How to Avoid a Bed Bug Infestation (or Treat one)



Parents want kids coming home from camp with happy stories, new friends, and increased confidence—NOT bed bug bites, and certainly not the pests themselves!

But camps are primary targets for the pesky insects. Bed bugs are usually found near areas where people sleep, especially where there’s a high number of visitors. According to the American Camp Association web site, camps call every year with questions about bed bugs. Continue reading