Ask them to “Like” you

Most camps spend resources on marketing, often using traditional media sources such as local newspapers, magazines or direct mail campaigns, others will branch out and use their camp alumni to help recruit new campers.  (Camp Alleghany Best Practices)

As we are entering the new “Thank You Economy” camps should look to what opportunities are available to increase exposure and campers through their social media outlets such as Facebook.   The key here is not just to get them to see your Facebook page but to “like” your Facebook page.    This “like” will in turn allow you to share continued content with your new “fan” through their Facebook wall.  

Traditional media outlets such as direct mail or print have a one-time shot to grab the reader’s interest, Facebook allows you multiple opportunities to engage your audience with several mediums such as pictures, videos, stories and more.   Large companies such as Taco Bell have used free products to earn “likes” on Facebook recognizing that getting to reach out to a core group of customers over and over again for free has a very real value.

Camps can run “like us “ campaigns through their existing Facebook fan base by asking them to “share” the site with others, their mailing lists by encouraging “likes” on Facebook with offers of camp merchandise or discounts or by just word of mouth.  Be sure to run campaigns like these for limited times so not to fatigue your audience.   

By Anthony Owens

Anthony is a Social Media Advocate,  Account Executive for the Active Networks Camps division and Founder of Feel free to contact him @