1 Picture of camp = 5,730 likes and 1,558 comments in 1 hour

Lebron James runs a basketball camp.  I know that might not come as shock to people that “The King” uses his celebrity to promote a sports camp as he does Nike, Sprite, McDonald’s, State Farm Insurance, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, and his own cartoon show “The LeBron’s”, but the story here is less about Lebron’s fame as it is about social medias appetite for content surrounding activities they love and want to participate in and the network effect it creates. 

Recently Lebron posted a picture of him at his basketball camp along with a link to the camps website to sign up for camp.

Within less than 1 hour there were over 5,700 likes and 1,800 comments about the picture and Lebron’s camp. Now here is where the network effect comes in… the average facebook user has 130 friends in their network and  when they “liked” or commented on this picture their entire network was notified, extending the reach to another 947,744 people, bringing the total number of people engaged to over 1 million.

Put this network effect to work for your camp, share pictures and stories of what’s going on at your camp with links to access your website and registration pages. By the way If you happen to have Lebron James or another famous athlete at your camp, be sure to include them as well.