If you don’t understand what parents are after, it’s going to be pretty tough to break through the clutter and get their attention. Here we explore the 5 fundamental motivators of buyers to help you zero in on a message that will resonate with parents.

1.          Convenience

Parents might be the most stressed people on the planet. They will endure a lot of hassle for their kids, but when there is a choice between complicated and simple, they want the path of least resistance. Camp decisions and execution are not necessarily simple, but parents expect that—at the very least—registration and payment should not be complicated

How do your website and registration process score on convenience? Are they easy to find, navigate and understand? Are there too many forms, no online payment capability, no live person to contact?

2.          Savings

In these economic times, it’s rare to find people who aren’t looking for a good deal. Do you have ways to help families save a few dollars, whether it is through early-bird pricing, multiple-child discounts, or referral discounts? Raffle off – or enlist community donors to provide – a “campership” (full or partial). Or assign a camp discount value to jobs you need help with.

 3.          Fun

There are three reasons (if not more!) to make sure your Camp is fun:

·      Kids: Fun is what keeps kids engaged and coming back

·      Parents: The ACTIVE Parent Camp Survey revealed that FUN was their second highest-rated criteria for Camp selection

·      New Campers: Fun is the extra value to your Camper’s experience that will most easily create word of mouth buzz about your camp

 4.          Results

If yours is a performance Camp, you must produce the results you’ve promised. Make sure you stay informed about the latest in techniques and requirements, and that you’re utilizing the very best staff you can afford!

 5.          Exceptional experience

Experience is the whole package, from first glance to the follow-up after camp. If all of the previous criteria are met, you will have succeeded. Going the extra mile to add a few unexpected surprises along the way can help you build loyalty to your Camp. (Check out Stan Phelp’s book: What’s Your Purple Goldfish?: How to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth to learn how other organizations put a cherry on top of their product or service.)

Does your camp pass these 5 tests? (If you don’t know, we’ve got two words for you: Evaluation Form!)