Not Your Grandmother’s Word of Mouth

We’ve been digging more into the Mom Market this year. Just recently, we stumbled upon another aspect of the female phenomenon that could make sense as a way to get your camp name in front of moms.

There’s an Internet niche called the Mommy Blogosphere. Tech savvy women with ideas and opinions, smart writing skills, and dynamic online personalities have become an advertising channel that some of today’s biggest brands are plugging into. The Mommy Blogosphere has taken word of mouth to a whole ‘nother level.

This is important because word of mouth from other moms is Mom’s most trusted source of information. When a blogger with thousands of followers talks about a product, service or YOUR CAMP, the message goes out to those thousands of followers. But then, many of those followers may tweet, repost or share the blog post to their entire online community. That could be a lot of eyeballs on your camp’s name.

The cost of sponsoring one of these bloggers to write about your camp directly correlates to the number of followers the blogger has, but the targeted, word-of-mouth factor makes this a far better value than traditional advertising.

Find out more by downloading our free resource: Best-Kept Camps Marketing Secret: The Mommy Blogosphere. You’ll learn three ways to tap into the Blogosphere to market your camp, and a few tips to be aware of, if you decide to go in that direction.