Diagramming Your Social Media Strategy


Have you created a Facebook or Twitter account for your camp? The answer is probably yes, but the reality is that most of us in the camp industry are using social media without a strategy. Creating a social media strategy is necessary inorder to build relationships with your customers and we’ve got a new resource that can help you build your social strategy from start to finish.

ACTIVE’s new Social Media Playbook – A Camp Director’s guide to a winning social media strategy, outlines how camp directors should approach diagramming their social media strategy. Here’s an outline to help you start diagramming your social media strategy:

  • Identify your Camp’s Business Goals: before you can write your social media strategy, identify what you want to accomplish. Examples of these goals include:
    • Do you want your camp to be seen as the education leader in your field?
    • Do you want 50 new campers this year?
    • Do you want to increase parent communication?
  • Identify your Social Media Strategy: armed with your business goals, you can write your social media strategy. Remember to keep your objectives realistic and measurable. Check out these examples:
    • Establish your camp as a leader in your community
    • Establish your camp as an education expert
    • Gather more information about campers/parents education needs, service needs, spending plans, etc.
    • Identify your Social Media Tactics: the most important thing is to remember as you ramp up your social media efforts is that you’re trying to build relationships. You’re talking with people, not at them. Check out these examples of social media tactics:
      • Build your profile on your chosen platform
      • Make sure your social channels are integrated with your website
      • Start following the people talking about camps or youth activities

Before you start diagramming your social media strategy always remember to appeal to the heart of your audience and start actively listening to what’s going on in the industry.

For more information on how social media can improve your camp’s business click here to download the complete Social Media Playbook.