How the Mommy Blogosphere Could Help Your Business

mommy_blogosphere_cover_imageLast week I shared with you why all businesses should blog. If you read all the way to the end of that blog post, I promised you an alternative this week. It’s not necessarily a LONG-TERM alternative—you still need to blog—but it could be a supplement to blogging that pays big dividends. This best-kept secret fits somewhere between your camp blog and your marketing strategy:


The Mommy Blogosphere is a wildly popular and highly lucrative domain of moms who are smart, Internet-savvy, opinionated, and surprisingly influential. There are reportedly 3.9 million mommy bloggers ( citing and they are powerful enough to noticeably impact sales for toys and other products. Their power comes from their thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of readers.

Inquiring minds might ask, as Ty Kiisel, a contributor for Forbes online magazine, did: “What Can We Learn From Mommy Bloggers?” His answer is significant:

Mommy bloggers are successfully leveraging social media to collaborate and communicate about the products they use, what’s happening within their families and what they’re interested in. They share their blogs via Facebook and Twitter, expanding their reach to a broader network of friends and friends of friends, creating an audience of people interested in what they have to say.”

Your target market is moms, so your “product” could conceivably resonate with some moms who blog and could help you expand your reach. Even if you don’t work with a mega-blogger, you might find a mom in your ranks who loves to write.

Download our free whitepaper or go here to learn how it works and find suggestions about how to break into this camp marketing realm.

But also, as Kiisel advises, pay attention to the ways these women leverage social media and their personal opinions to build huge audiences. That could be mean a breakthrough for you, as well.

Your Turn: Do you think this idea has merit?

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