Multitasking at its finest: Our ACTIVEx Charity Challenge Results

Since most of your events revolve around children, we thought you’d be interested to hear about an accomplishment we’re really proud of.

We often say that ACTIVE is not just our name–it’s our mission for ourselves and our communities. That’s why on October 12, more than 80 ACTIVE employees participated or volunteered at the U.S. Open Triathlon in Rockwell, Texas to complete our 2014 ACTIVEx Charity Challenge season and provide sports involvement for children in the Dallas area. More than a race, it was multitasking at its finest!

ACTIVE employees ACTIVEx charity challengeWhat is ACTIVEx?

ACTIVEx is an internal program here at ACTIVE Network. Its goals include:

  • Fundraising for kids
  • Supporting our clients’ events
  • Getting employees active and willing to challenge themselves
  • Incorporating team spirit into the company culture

For the third year in a row, ACTIVE employees raised money for Kids in the Game, an organization that provides a season of sports involvement for one child for every $30 raised. This year’s client was the U.S. Open in Rockwall.

How are we doing? Check this out:

  • For this triathlon, employees raised over $12,000, providing sports participation this winter and spring for 400 local Dallas kids–and will continue fundraising until the end of the year.
  • In 2014, across all of ACTIVE’s events, employees have raised $38,191, putting 1273 kids in the game.
  • Since its inception, ACTIVEx has raised over $375,000 for local non-profits in cities across the country that share the same goals, including local YMCAs, youth sports organizations, and camps. Many of the employees involved had never trained for or participated in a triathlon before.

When the Going Gets Tough…

ACTIVEx Director Arch Fuston is adamant that the challenge of trying something hard is where all the good stuff in life is found. We like to share what makes us better, so if you could use a shot of inspiration for your current challenges, read the words of encouragement that Arch sent to the team the day before the race.

This campaign runs through the end of the year, so it’s not too late to help if you like the idea. Remember $30 gives one child a whole season of play (equipment, fees, etc). You can donate here. Thanks!

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