‘Safety Check’ Calms Parents’ Concerns During Camp

by Dylan Braun

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Let’s say you wake up to a beautiful day outside and decide to take your campers down to the lake to fish. Out of nowhere (because you’re in Texas) the weather changes. The bright blue skies are now dark and scary and there is lightning all around you. You rush the campers back to their cabins and instruct them to stay indoors. Whew, peril averted, right?

It’s not quite over yet. You have to inform the parents that their kids are safe, but no worries–Facebook just solved that problem. As of October 15, Facebook’s new feature ‘Safety Check‘ sends a push notification directly to your phone if you’re in an area that is affected by a natural disaster.

Facebook Safety check.screenshot 2

The message asks if you’re OK. You respond accordingly and it relays that message to your friends.   If you respond “Yes,” it posts on your behalf that you’re safe.Facebook Safety check.screenshot 3

Now your campers’ parents can rest assured that their kids are safe in the event of a natural disaster. And your staff won’t be on the phone with every worried parent in the program, allowing you and your team time to focus on campers.

Check out this 40 second video that walks you through the new feature, step by step.

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