5 Buying Motivations to Tap Into (Holiday Marketing, Part 2)

Happy Holidays?money gift

As a business owner trying to market a product, it pays to think about what drives spending during the holidays. Not all of the reasons are “happy,” but each provides a story you can work with.

Here are 5 common buying motivations and ways you can tap into them with your holiday messaging to encourage the Gift of Camp:

1. Parents may be sentimental about their own childhood Christmases and struggling to recreate that for their own children.


Tip: Reminisce about common camp memories they might have about the programs  you offer—and have them imagine those memories under the tree.


2. They may see the holidays as a time to reflect on deeper meanings of the season, and be on the hunt for gifts this year that are more meaningful than toys that are forgotten a few weeks later.Time to reflect

Tip: That’s a perfect description of a Gift of Camp. Capitalize on that.


3. Some people work hard to keep time-honored Christmas traditions alive—while others are simplifying their lives with new family traditions.


Tip: Position your purchase an example of a great new tradition that contains the values of older traditions.


4. You know that most likely they’re stressed. Which thought do you think is more enticing to them: Facing another trip to the mall or picking up a last minute-online gift with no shipping costs?


Tip: Pitch early registration with that benefit.


5. It’s not uncommon for even guilt to drive spending. Maybe they just realized Mary has more gifts than Johnny and there’s no time to even the score. Maybe Grandma is taking a Christmas cruise this year instead of being with the family. She might be planning to spend more money to compensate for not being there. You never know when your message might fill the bill for those guilty feelings!


Tip: Reference the 24/7, last-minute availability, and savings of a preseason Gift of Camp. Be sure and encourage parents to tell relatives pondering what to give their child about your holiday specials.

TOMORROW: Quick and Easy Ways to Reflect the Holidays in Your Marketing Communications

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