The Once a Year Buying Blast You Don’t Want to Miss (HOLIDAY MARKETING, Part 1)

[Last week, our Launch Consultants hosted the first in our Marketing Must Haves Webinar Series. They introduced a lot of great information for Leveraging the Holiday Season
to Engage Participants & Drive Registration. Here’s some of what they shared.] 

Holiday shopping seems to start earlier and earlier every year:

  • 29% of shoppers start holiday shopping before Halloween!
  • 19% will start shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • 48% will do so in early December

holiday shoppers

For a non-traditional gift like camp to be on someone’s list, you’ve got to do some marketing of the idea. It may seem like a big task, but when you see how much spending is going to occur in the next few weeks, we think it’s worth it to see if you can get a “piece of the buy.”

Total spending over the 4-day weekend after Thanksgiving last year reached
$59.1 billion – a 13% increase from the previous year. Keep in mind that the hope of DEALS drove the following numbers in 2013:

BLACK FRIDAY (day after Thanksgiving)

  • 139.4 million adults visited store websites during the four-day weekend
  • Individual shoppers spent roughly $423 each

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (Saturday after Thanksgiving)

  • American Express started this event. You can pick up a participation kit here.
  • $5.7 billion spent in 2013
  • 3.3 million Facebook likes promoting the Small Business Saturday marketing campaign

CYBER MONDAY (Monday after Thanksgiving)

  • Mobile visits accounted for 32% of site visits
  • Average mobile spending per individual: $111. Represents 6% of overall spending.
  • Average tablet spending per individual: $128. Represents 10% of overall spending
  • $2 billion in sales in 2013

Whew! That’s a lot of “holiday buy”! We’d love to see you leverage this time to increase registrations for next season.

Webinar attendees asked:

“When should I start holiday marketing?”

Now. The earliest you’d want to start is October. Even if you can’t pull something together for Black Friday weekend, there will be shoppers looking for deals all the way up through Christmas Eve, and even New Years. With our new Follow-Up Form feature, registrations don’t have to include the whole nine yards, so they’re easy for last-minute shoppers.

“How much of a discount should I offer?

While we often hear about major steals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where items sell for pennies on the dollar, those are the loss-leaders that get people vying to be first in the store. The majority of deals are 10-20% off. You might consider offering one big deal (a little contest, perhaps?), with a smaller percentage off for most people. Early bird specials can graduate savings to decrease the later in the month it gets.

Ready to hit your holiday marketing hard?

Up Next in Part 2: 5 Buying Motivations to Tap Into With Your Messaging

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