ACTIVEkids: How to Raise Your Brand Awareness (and more) Without Lifting a Finger

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Everyone loves a “Win-Win,” getting something for nothing, and seeing an increase without additional effort. That’s why we’re super excited about yesterday’s launch of, the all-in-one place where parents can discover and register their children for activities.

We’re excited because it’s going to give camp directors like you something very valuable. For free, no strings attached. And we’re excited because nothing like this has ever existed!

What is
ACTIVEkids is an easy-to-use website that gives parents a stress-free way to register their kids for camps, classes and activities they love. With a database of over 120,000 activities (and growing) nationwide for kids ages 4-18, finding activities that meet their child’s age, gender and interests is a breeze.

If you’re an ACTIVE customer using Camp & Class Manager software, your youth programs automatically post to, easily searchable (and easily registered for) by parents. There are no listings to manage, no content to write and no registration processes to design. You don’t have to do a thing.

But that’s just the beginning…

ACTIVEkids_Octopus_A_Icon_4C_PurpleACTIVE’s Marketing Goes to Work for You
We do the work to draw new potential campers and students for programs of all sizes. Your organization will benefit from our mass marketing efforts of at no extra cost to you. Your program listings on ACTIVEkids will instantly gain exposure with ACTIVE’s powerful Search Engine Optimization.

Parents Will Love It
ACTIVEkids allows busy parents to find activities from one site and quickly set up a destination for all their activity choices. It will be customized to their location, and their children’s gender, ages, interests—even their favorite colors! They’ll be able to filter and view search results in multiple ways and see their current (and past) activity schedules on one page.

What to Do Next?ACTIVEkids_Robot_A_Icon_4C_Blue
If you’re an existing ACTIVE customer, there’s nothing to do except explore the site, spread the word, and watch your brand awareness and marketing reach rise as the new online marketplace grows.

If you’re a future ACTIVE customer, the launch of ACTIVEkids is the perfect reason to consider ACTIVE’s all-in-one camp management software that saves your staff time, reduces errors from traditional paperwork, delivers data insights for guess-free decision-making, and grows your community participation.

Talk to one of our software specialists to learn how you can get found on ACTIVEkids today!