The #Tri-State Buzz About Mobile, Millennial Mom

Camarin at TristateFirst, I want to introduce you to our very own Mobile, Millennial Mom: Camarin Wanamaker! She balances a career at ACTIVE with mothering three children, gaining many of her mom/camp insights when her first child went to camp. (Read her blogpost: “Spring Fling or Summer Romance”)

Camarin’s Mobile Millennial Mom session is practical, insightful, and very interesting. We noticed a couple of #TSCamp2015 attendees agreed yesterday:Tristate tweet

tristate tweet 2


We want to make sure you’re not missing out if you’re not at #TSCamp2015. You can register to hear (or re-hear) Camarin’s session at our upcoming, March 26 webinar…

Mom Webinar Reg CTA

And here’s her infographic:

camp_marketing_mobile_millenial_moms[Click to tweet infographic]

Mom Webinar Reg CTA

[Click to tweet webinar invite]

If you were there, what did YOU think about Camarin’s session?