Today’s Trending #Tri-State Topics

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If you’re not at Tri-State, we’re sorry! You don’t have to totally miss out though. We’re bringing you the top tips we’re hearing. So, wherever you are, the top three trending topics are Social Media and Customer Engagement, Video, and Google Analytics.#Tri-State Top Three Tips


Peter Ross of 829 Studios, a Digital Agency and Marketing Consultancy studio, served up these tips:

  • ENGAGEMENT IS KEY. That means getting people to be involved in a conversation with you.
    • Claim all your media platforms for easier discovery (YouTube, Yelp, Vimeo, Tumblr, Wikipedia, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter) etc.)
    • Get business listings on Google+, Yahoo, Bing Business (easy to do!), then ask customers for reviews
    • Set up Facebook profile in Camp Director’s Name and add Camp Nickname (it will show up under profile name)
    • Make sure Facebook ads click only to your website
    • Make sure Facebook “stars” are positive


Morgan Piers, our Launch Consultant on the scene, heard everyone talking about video:

  • Preferred Platform: She recommends Vine videos over Snapchat. Vines are 6 seconds long and Snapchats are up to 15 seconds. However, Snapchats disappear after 24 hours.
  • Viral Videos: Everyone wants to go viral! One way to increase your odds is to use hashtags to encourage others to join their video to yours in a challenge, like the Water Bucket Challenge did.
  • Contests are Cool: Here’s an easy idea. Post a macroshot or small section of an image and call out for guesses as to what it is. After a set time of getting guesses, shoot and post a short video with the big reveal. Or just include the full image, if you’re boring. Video is preferred because it’s YOU engaging–plus people like videos. Offering a prize can encourage participation.


  Jellyfish section

(Leave comments below to guess what this is. Check back tomorrow for the answers.)

  • According to recent Aberdeen research, organizations using video require 37% fewer unique site visits to generate a marketing response. That means video raises conversion rates[Tweet that!]


Analytics are the only way to know the effectiveness of your website and marketing efforts. Google Analytics let you discover who’s visiting, what content they’re engaging with, how long they’re staying, and So.Much.More.

It’s takes some learning, but here’s a good place to get started.