What do Google, Mobile, and Deadlines Have in Common?

mobile camp registrationFor some, the words “Google,” and “mobile” mean OPPORTUNITY. (Nobody likes deadlines). For others, these words strike terror in their hearts:

  • Deadlines subtly imply that something terrible–death?–could happen if you don’t cross the finish line on time
  • Mobile is awesome! (Unless your website isn’t mobile-enabled)
  • Yay for Google! (Unless Google is keeping you off the first search results page. If that’s happening, check out our 3-part blog series on Getting Found in Google)

If these words don’t make you smile, we hate to be the bearer of bad news. But we also want to make sure you’re ready for the soon-to-happen moment these three concepts collide:

What these 3 words have in common is April 21.

As if April 15th isn’t a big enough deadline for one month, on April 21, Google will start (if they aren’t already) heavily ranking mobile-friendly sites higher in searches. 

You’ve been hearing for awhile how important mobile-friendliness is for your business because:

  • 80% of Internet users browse on a smartphone
  • Many consumers won’t read sites that are not mobile-enabled
  • Registrations and payments on non-mobile-friendly sites are frustrating and next to impossible
  • Much of your content goes unread on a non-mobile-optimized site

Now, more than ever, it’s time to get your site mobile-friendly. Without it, you’re sure to experience the death of your Google opportunities.

April 21st is right around the corner!

ACTIVE’s camp management software does that for you. Does your current software provider?

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