6 Steps to Launching Your New Program

Are you preparing to launch a new camp or program? Or maybe you’ve already launched, but your efforts aren’t generating the enthusiasm you’d hoped for.

In our experience working with hundreds of camps and educational programs, we’ve distilled a successful launch process down to six main steps that fall into the category of class or camp marketing:

Camp Launch Infographic.Blog

A marketing budget doesn’t have to be large to be effective for growing your business and reaching your marketing goals. Pay Per Click advertising is an effective and inexpensive way to target your audience. You set your own prices and choose keywords that allow your ads to show up on the screens of people searching for what you offer. Start small and make adjustments if at first you don’t see responses.

How often are you posting on your social media platforms? When is the right time? Social media can be overwhelming, so we recommend you create an engagement calendar to plan a balanced coverage approach. It’s also not difficult to create a Facebook app to extend your brand’s reach, or to learn how to outsmart Facebook’s newsfeed:

Outsmart FB download button

Your website is a great resource, but is it optimized to be found by search engines? Is your website capturing the right audience’s attention and converting that attention into registrations? Your website is important; it’s your shop front, your unique identifier! Make sure it can be found and can capture your visitor’s attention. This blog series can help.

Many of your registrants come from your local community, but how can you more effectively engage and market to that community? Are you connecting with local schools, churches and sporting clubs to broaden your marketing reach?

How can you drive early registrations without devaluing your camp or program? Coupon codes and early bird pricing are great ways to give incentives for signing up sooner, rather than later. And definitely consider replacing “registration deadline” in your vocabulary with “extra revenue.” Take a look at this astounding example:

tiered pricing table.blue border

Would you open a new store and not tell anyone about it? If you launch a new product, will you keep quiet about it? Promoting your registration launch is important and we want you to be loud! There are a variety of ways to do that: social media, email, signage, link backs on others’ websites and blogs, and so much more.

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All our customers have access to our complementary Launch Consultant program that gives one-on-one marketing, social media, website, and launch strategy guidance from a dedicated consultant. The Outsmart Facebook’s Newsfeed whitepaper we’re offering here is just one of the many resources our Launch Consultants provide to help grow your business.

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