Leverage Spring Break Memories to Market Summer Camp Activities


By the time Spring Break rolls around in March or April, families are weary of winter, school projects, and schedule-juggling. Sunshine and free time beckon like light at the end of a long dark tunnel. The end of drudgery is near!

By the end of Spring Break, however, many parents are singing that familiar, end of summer tune: “Only ___ more days til they go back to school.”

For any youth activity organizer, Spring Break can serve as a fresh reminder of not only Summer’s awesomeness, but also Summer’s challenges. Summer is, inarguably, the best time of the year. By July, however, the kids are bored and asking/whining for ever-new ways to be entertained. Moms are craving more structure and quiet, and dreaming of the first day of school. Those same traits in the last days of Spring Break could easily motivate parents to knuckle down and get the kids registered for their summer activities.

Smart camp directors leverage both good and bad aspects of free time spent with the kids!

While Spring Break memories are still fresh and, most importantly, realistic…

While parents are experiencing or remembering what lots of unstructured time with the kids eventually turns into…

Get your summer camp programs in front of them.

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