Art Studio Upgrades its Image to Match New Software

We love hearing our customer’s software success stories (and other kinds too)! When it comes to our camp management software, we expect to hear about greater efficiency, freedom from paperwork, increased registrations and happier registrants. That’s why we do what we do!

Every so often, however, we hear a story we didn’t expect. That’s the case with the Berkeley University Art Studio.

The studio has been student-owned and university-run for 40 years. Katelyn Nomura-Weingrow, Director of Marketing and Art Programs at the University of California at Berkeley, had been working for the university for two years when the studio’s long range plans, marketing and finance fell into her lap.

Out with the Really Old

At the time, the studio had been using Thriva, ACTIVE Network’s legacy camp management solution, for three years. She heard horror stories about not-so-long ago days when there was one annual registration day and all information was on index cards, filed by class.

Out with the Kind of Old

While Katelyn liked the report options in Thriva and the use of online registration, over time, she began looking for a solution that would meet the growing demands of the studio and lighten the administrative work load, deciding in 2013 to upgrade from Thriva to ACTIVE’s new Camp & Class Manager.

In with the New

She says managing the studio’s operations with Camp & Class Manager is like night and day. They love the platform, the improved user experience, and how easy it is to train student assistants. She finds that the reports are easy to pull, the financials are easy to view, and the entire system is extremely fast.

The transition was seamless and completed in 2-3 weeks. Camp & Class Manager was so easy to learn that getting staff buy-in on the new software wasn’t an issue. Katelyn loved having one point of contact at ACTIVE, and her Account Manager was very responsive whenever she had questions.

The studio has seen the kind of results we expect for them:

  • Membership has soared to an all-time high, increasing by 30% and resulting in staff growth of 50%
  • Registration processing time was more than cut in half, from 5 minutes per
    registration to 2 minutes
  • 95% of their participants now register online

In with Even More New

Although the studio’s use of Thriva started transitioning the studio to a more professional organization, updating to Camp & Class Manager skyrocketed them to the next level.

Katelyn says the software was so professional-looking (and behaving-) that soon the entire staff wanted the studio updated to match. They had a new logo designed, updated marketing and informational resources, and completely renovated their office and art spaces!

“Our new software brought about a complete mindset shift. Everyone wanted our entire operation to match the level of professionalism Camp & Class Manager brought to our registration process,” Katelyn says.

We can think of no greater compliment!


Learn more about upgrading to Camp & Class Manager.