The Busy Program Director’s Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

Communication with clients is the lifeline of every business. Many of us rely on email for much of our business interaction. And why not, if this is true:

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With email marketing providing an astounding 4300% ROI (Source), it’s an inexpensive and powerful way to engage with current and prospective registrants.

But does it seem like it’s taking over your life? And are you using email campaigns
to their maximum potential?

Download our Busy Program Directors’ Email Marketer’s Cheat Sheet


This cheat sheet breaks the 7 areas of email you need to consider into bite-sized chunks, giving you a beginner’s overview or a veterans’ refresher guide. When these seven email features are used together, your communications strategy will feel like a well-oiled machine. You’ll spend less time on email, but with greater results.

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Have you put email to work for you or is email working you?