University Camp Challenge #1: Compliance


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Compliance is one of the top concerns for camp directors. Recruitment of student athletes must meet specific standards in order to comply with NCAA regulations and maintain both the athletes’ eligibility and the university’s reputation.

That puts a lot of pressure on camp directors who really just want to teach kids how to play the game. A study of NCAA violations in the news reveals that many compliance issues are unintentional and may not even involve actual wrongdoing. In some cases, universities and camp programs are incurring penalties simply for failing to have the right safeguards in place.

When it comes to compliance, you need to know your stuff. The annual compilation of NCAA regulations alone is over 500 pages long. So, let’s grab a cup of coffee or three and dig in line by line, shall we?

No? Too much? OK, then let’s make things a little easier and discuss 4 common pitfalls university camps can fall into:


Universities offer diverse programming with diverse protocols, serving different populations. How does the athletic department keep up with it all? Some form of centralized oversight is needed to protect the university, as a whole, from risk.

Reactivity rather than proactivity

If you’re chasing coaches in the fall to round up summer camp reports, or finding payment violations weeks after-the-fact, you’re operating in reaction mode. A proactive organization heads off potential problems through established processes and systems and is organized enough to catch infractions before it’s too late.


University camps have to comply with multiple organizations, keep track of school, league and NCAA rules to name just a few. They need lists and checklists – in writing – to make sure they’re hitting every item, every year.

Failure to educate staff and volunteers

It’s all well and good if you know the rules. But what about every other staff member you employ and volunteer you utilize? An infraction is an infraction, no matter who is at fault.

Gear UpUnivCampRiskAssessment

It’s often said that the little things can make or break you, and nothing is more true when it comes to compliance. How do you think you’re stacking up?

Download our ten-question assessment to pinpoint the exact areas where compliance issues could be threatening your university. You’ll be glad you did!