University Camp Challenge #2: Accounting & Finance

accounting[If you’re just joining us, please visit our introduction to the ACTIVE C.A.M.P. University Camp series and Challenge #1: Compliance.]

The “A” in our University C.A.M.P. Initiative represents the heart of every organization’s operations: Accounting and Finance.

It’s easy for camp directors to invest time in their playbooks, but not quite so much fun to work on “the books.” And yet, we all know that accounting and finance are vital to not only the revenue stream that supports your camp now and allows for successful camps in the future, but they’re also tremendous areas of potential risk.

We’ve seen the desks of busy coaches and camp directors, piled high with stacks of papers that contain campers’ checks that haven’t been credited to their accounts in months, in addition to these concerns:

  • Paper registrations and payments: They get misplaced. A check can easily slip off a stack and hide under a bookshelf. Enough said.
  • Human Error: Countless coaches, assistants and grad students may be collecting and handling checks and cash. Even the best of us make mistakes, and fraud is always possible.
  • Multiple camp offices trying to reconcile funds: Without centralization, finances may not line up. And let’s don’t even get started with the hassle of refunds in a chaotic sytem like this!
  • Thousands of families’ personal and financial information cycling through your accounting system: You have an immense responsibility to make sure every family and every transaction is protected.

Online Sports Camp Registration Software to the Rescue

We’re well into camp season. As you wrap up sessions and prepare for the next, is there a part of you that’s dreading the financial paperwork ahead? The biggest favor you could do yourself is to take it all online with sports camp software. The majority of your registration and payment chaos would be immediately corralled and solved:

  • Self-serve registration gives you back your time
  • Payments don’t get lost
  • Refunds are easy
  • Everything you need to know about everyone is all in one place, easily accessible from anywhere
  • Parents love–and expect–it!
  • It adds instant cred to your camp’s professionalism
  • Reports to the Athletic Department can be generated in minutes, without having to scramble through stacks of paper
  • If you are running the Athletic Department, imagine pulling identically-formatted reports from all the camps yourself, rather than chasing down coaches for months after the season ends

When it comes to accounting, it’s all about simplification and protection.

Download our accounting best practices checklistUnivCampAccountingChecklist_image to evaluate your university’s current process for payment collection and management and minimize the risks of error and fraud with consistent practices and standards.

Or contact us to learn why Matt Weldy, University of Notre Dame Sports Camp Director, relies on ACTIVE’s sports camp software.Notre Dame Quote