University Camp Challenge #3 – Marketing and Branding

cheerleaders[If you’re just joining us, please visit our introduction to the ACTIVE C.A.M.P. Initiative seriesChallenge #1: Compliance and Challenge #2: Accounting & Finance]

You might call our answer to this challenge the ACTIVE C.A.M.P. Guide to Racking Up Registrations.

As a sports camp director, you’re at the steering wheel of a fast-moving organization. All your hard work to plan a high-quality camp doesn’t matter if your spots aren’t filled. You want to hit the court, field or pool in the spring, geared up for a summer of full sessions.

When it comes to marketing your university’s camp programs, there are two strategies that can rack up registrations fast. Even better, they barely cost you–and can significantly increase revenue.


There are over 7.7 million recruitable high school athletes in the United States. Thousands of their families come through your university each year. The marketing challenge is how to attract, retain and drive additional sales from this audience.

With a unified university sports camp brand, you’ll be set to increase cross-promotion of products and programs. Kid’s *love* gear. And while parents are shopping for it online, they’ll view other university merchandise, different sports camp offerings and game tickets.

Speaking of games, fans attending your athletic events are the perfect market for advertising your camps. And these campers are good candidates to one day be students at your university. Attending one game could open up a life-long relationship with your university.


Consider this: Today’s families keep up with each other on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. While the days of chatting over the fence may be over, one thing hasn’t changed – parents want to be in the know on what other families are up to. The desire to connect and share experiences hasn’t changed. The method has, of course, and its net is wide and far-reaching.

Every marketing expert knows that the sure-fire way of determining success is the answer to one question: “Would you recommend (Insert your camp’s name here) to a friend?”

Social media, which allows participants to “like” your camp and post pictures and videos is a free (FREE!) public microphone that broadcasts your praises to the hundreds of friends who follow your registrants. You have thousands of registrants? Well, they each have hundreds of followers. Now THAT’S promotion.

Brigham Young University sports camps fill last minute openings by creating community interaction and contests on social media. Staying engaged throughout the year helps build camper loyalty–and social media is the easy way to do that.

Sports camp software that contains social media integration automates much of this vital marketing component. The part that’s left for you to do does have a learning curve. We’re offering this Facebook Cheat Sheet to help you make the most of this popular channel.UnivCampFacebookCheatsheat

In this one-page cheat sheet, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Facebook before, during, and after camp
  • Understand your page performance and measure activity
  • Build out your page with 3rd-party apps

Ready to get started?