How to Keep Admin Tasks From Taking Over Your Life – Part 3

Whats your biggest headache

[This is the final post in a 3-part blog series to offer suggestions to survey respondents who said “daily administrative tasks are taking over my life!” If you’re just joining us, see Part 1 and Part 2.]

3 Tools of Highly Effective Directors: The Cloud 

Most likely, you’re already using the Cloud for many things. But are you using one cloud-based system for managing your database, registration and communications?

The Cloud is what makes Centralized Data and Automation possible. Not only does a cloud-based management system enable you to store and access all your information in one place, but you could also access it all on any mobile device or computer.

Convenience for You

Imagine being on a field trip and needing to double-check whether a child has allergies. You could pull out your mobile phone and check. Everything you need is available to you at all times and places. With the ability to access your files at night, you can get your work done and still have a family life.

Talk to a software specialist to find out how you can get this level of convenience.

Convenience for Parents

The Cloud also offers a level of convenience and flexibility for your customers that they have come to expect. Moms (your target audience) are managing their busy lives online at an unprecedented rate. As a baseline expectation, not offering the convenience of the Cloud can be a deal-breaker for busy parents.

Mobile-Friendliness is a Business Decision

80% of registrants use their mobile devices to register for their children’s activities and 81% of those expect the experience to be as streamlined as from their desktop. In addition to that, Google ranks organizations with mobile- and tablet-friendliness higher in searches!


Our Cloud is the safest place for yours and yours customers’ data. We house all transactions in a top-tier security system with four redundant data centers in four separate areas of North America. Each one contains multiple levels of the highest quality physical and digital protection

We take all the risk for payment processing with the top level of compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data standards. We can provide security information in greater detail, if desired.

Get rid of stack of paperBeing tied to the office is a thing of the past for today’s smart directors. Operating whenever and wherever is critical to taking control of admin tasks that are taking over your life.