How Automation Can Keep Admin Tasks From Taking Over Your Life

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[This post is the second in a 3-part blog series to offer suggestions to survey respondents who said “daily administrative tasks are taking over my life!” If you’re just joining us, see Part 1.]

3 Tools of Highly Effective Directors: Automation

The second tool high-performance directors use is automation. In this day and age, it doesn’t make sense not to automate everything that can be automated. As the leader of your organization, there are many things you must do that no one else can do. Reserving your time for those and delegating the rest is a necessity.

The things is, you can also automate many of the tasks that others do for you, leaving time for your staff to help you focus on your mission.

Talk with a software specialist about what we can automate for you.

Take a moment to estimate the amount of time you and your staff spend on these items. With ACTIVE’s camp and class management software, you could seriously take a bite out of administration with automation.

How much is your time worth?


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