Marketing: The Art and Science of Making Impressions

How do YOU stand out against the competition-In our recent poll about the top challenges schools or camps like yours face, 4% of respondents said they’d like to “better reach and engage the right audiences through marketing but don’t have the time or resources.” [View the challenge of 600 respondents]

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Make an Impression

Many people are overwhelmed with marketing – the options, the expense, and most importantly, the time it takes. It helps if you understand what marketing is, at its essence. It’s about making impressions. Saying or showing something in such a way that someone pauses and takes notices, if only for a moment.

I mean, what in the world is “Louisiana Style” lemonade? Whether it’s truly Cajun-inspired or just like any other, it’s being marketed to visitors in New Orleans for 2-4x the normal lemonade stand price. It’s brilliant, because tourists do not want to miss out on local color! Once you get them to stop and ask “What’s Louisiana Style lemonade?”, 16 ounces of the sweet-tart nectar are as good as sold.

Make Multiple ImpressionsMarketingMaking Multiple Impressions compressed

The way marketing works is that after a few impressions, things start to look familiar. We call that “brand recognition.” While creativity is handy for being recognized, the bigger issue for most organizations is the “multiple” part. How can busy directors find time to get their brand out there on multiple platforms, on a regular basis and in varied ways?


8 Easy Ways to Make Multiple Impressions

If creativity is the “art”, technology is the “science” of setting up and automating multiple impressions.

ACTIVE’s camp management software and class management software automate many time-consuming aspects of marketing, including:

1. Beautiful email templates you can customize and save

2. Targeted and automated email campaigns

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4. Integrated promotions, discounts and coupon codes

5. Website services

6. Free listing on ACTIVEkids

7. Your very own free marketing consultant (called a Launch Consultant)

8. Access to great resources, like our Marketing Toolkit. If you haven’t already downloaded our most popular resource, do that here. It contains:

  • Strategic Marketing Playbookcamp-class-marketing-toolkit
  • 3 Key Steps to Building Your Brand Whitepaper
  • The Busy Program Director’s Email Marketing Cheat Sheet
  • Social Media Playbook
  • 10 Tips to Get Found on Google Checklist

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