Top 10 Ways to Know You Need Online Registration

Get Rid of These BIn a recent poll we took, 6% of respondents said that their biggest organizational challenge was that “manual registration processes make it difficult to increase registrations and fill programs.”

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Top Ten Ways to Know You Need Online Registration

10. Your online registration is a PDF on your website

9. Registrations aren’t increasing

8. Parent “loyalty” is a foreign word

7. You’re up to your eyeballs in paper forms

6. You’re always looking for one form or another

5. You’ve actually misplaced payments

4. You’re frequently chasing after payments and waivers

3. Pulling a report means manually blending several Excel spreadsheets and using AutoSum on all the rows and columns

2. “Segmented,” “Targeted,” and “Automated” are not the words that come to mind when you need to send out emails

1. You’re not having fun anymore

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