How to Stay on Top of Your Camp Marketing: 2 Must-Have Tools

By now, you’ve probably learned that marketing isn’t as easy as simply posting a few tweets every week. It requires a strategy of regular communication with prospects and customers in the form of blogs, emails, articles, reminders, ads and more. It can be time-consuming, so–if you’re like many of us–it gets done on the fly.

I’ve found that nothing springs me into action like a deadline (Yikes! It’s National Whatever Day! I need to come up with something!), but the creativity that springs out of last-minute opportunities is often thwarted by said deadline. That great idea I just had for offering a thought-leadership piece with a cool giveaway on Whatever Day can’t be done in the one hour I have left.

Sound familiar? (No? It’s just me?)

Get Ahead of It

The secret to creating and managing a marketing strategy is to get it out of your head and into a simple high-level system with as few guidelines to remember as is possible.

I think you’ll love these two tools that will help you do that:

Class or Camp Marketing Calendaractive camps interactive marketing calendar

This interactive resource for your organization will let you (digitally or on paper) fill in all the events and deadlines you know up front you’ll want to participate in for the season or year. (For maximum effectiveness, go for the year.)

Once you’ve added those, you’ll be able to see the relationship of everything you’ve got going on in order to avoid last minute conflicts.

Best of all, once it’s on paper — along with all the holidays and industry events you’ll want to market around – you’ll see that:

  • It’s more manageable than you imagined (because now it’s in tiny chunks!)
  • Much of what you’ll do can be reused and repurposed (go ahead and put where you’ll repurpose on the calendar!)
  • Your mind will automatically start generating specific ideas (now that it’s not having to think about all of these projects at one time).

Keep the calendar handy for adding events and ideas as they crop up.

3-Step Timeline GuideMarketing Timeline Strategy one pager image

 This simple one-page guide divides common must-do marketing tasks into the three time-frames every camp and school measures:

your season or session.

This will help you with deciding where to put various messages.

Plus, you can download our comprehensive Camp and Class Marketing Toolkit from within the guide.


Now, go get started. National Whatever Day is right around the corner!