Want Free Stuff for Your Camp or Classes?

active REWARDSKid-event organizers are always looking for economical ways to provide snacks and fun little gifts for check-in, door prizes, motivational rewards, goody bags and more.

We’re excited to introduce our exclusive ACTIVE Rewards program to assist with this ongoing need.

ACTIVE Rewards

Rewards is a simple membership program for all types of facilities, events and organizations that engage consumers in a variety of activities. In order to expose their products to specific types of groups, sponsors provide members with free samples and premium giveaway items to distribute to their users and participants. Recent sampling programs have included Wheaties Fuel cereal, Craisins, CLIF Bars, Icy Hot, Aquaphor and more!

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You’ll be able to specify the types of events you’re hosting, but the premium giveaways you receive are dependent on current sponsorship offerings, so there is no guarantee of what (or when) you would receive your samples.

Signing up is easy and there’s no downside, so ACTIVE customers can ENROLL in the program today! Choose the organization type that most closely fits yours:

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