The Power of Memberships

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It’s been nearly 30 years since American Express launched the concept that “membership has its privileges.” It must have been a successful campaign because the credit card company used the slogan for nine years.

Successful ideas are so because they touch a nerve of truth (or perceived truth). And American Express was right: Members do get more.

We’re proud to introduce our new Membership feature that allows you to offer more to your customers, which, in turn, gives you more…more loyalty, more revenue, more opportunities to grow your camp or school.

Talk to a software specialist about camp and class management software that includes Membership.

What to Offer Members

Membership is included in Camp & Class Manager software and is easy to set up and use. That means deciding what to offer in a membership will be your biggest challenge. To make those decisions, you need to know what the parents of your campers and students value.

As a marketing tool, the structure of a Membership program lets you provide special access, pricing, or privileges to customers who are willing to invest in getting the highest value possible from their relationship with your organization.

Here are a few guidelines to spark ideas about what your customers might value and how you can grow your membership base:

1. Discounts and Priority Registration

When weighing the cost vs. the benefits of a membership, most people start with pricing. How will you show financial value through your membership strategy, while making sure to also build in a benefit to your organization? Will a membership provide discounts on registration or on merchandise? Will it give members pre-registration benefits to claim their spots before open enrollment starts?

2. Priority Access and Networking

People want to feel included. They like the idea of being insiders. How can you provide access to you, one-on-one, in a way that doesn’t require more than you have to offer? How can you connect your members in a meaningful way that they can’t do on their own? Memberful suggests three ideas:

  • Members-only Content
  • Discussion Forums
  • Live video, voice or text chats

3. Marketing 

Besides articulating a clear financial benefit, make use of the desire to be part of an elite group by offering your membership with terms like members only, invitation onlypriority, premium, premier, access (login to access, VIP access), preview, sneak peek, value, and savings. Make sure the value your membership provides is sufficient to warrant these descriptions.

In their article, 7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Membership, ASAE |The Center for Association Leadership says that from recruiting to funding your marketing efforts, to trading content for contact via opt-ins, borrow from those who’ve built memberships before you. The wheel you try to reinvent might wobble! (Memberful has a lot of ideas on this topic.)

4. Spell Everything Out

Make sure it’s clear what membership costs, what is received for the price, and how cancellations work, including any cancellation fees.

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Camp & Class Manager Membership Details

Managing the details of memberships can be the easiest part if you have the right tools.

  • Offer either annual memberships or a duration of your choosing.
  • Your customers can register themselves and each of their family members through individual, easily managed memberships.
  • A membership will be designated by a crown after it is created.
  • Automatically generates a refund for cancellations, factoring your cancellation fees into the equation.
  • Transactions are fully integrated with existing reports.
  • Current ACTIVE customers will automatically see Memberships – no download is required!

Want to learn how you can add value to your customers through memberships? Speak to a software specialist!

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