Class Software Connects Kids to the FUN!

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Office work is NOT why you got into the business of kids. Staffers and directors are usually at their best when working with young people and channeling their creativity.

In these busy weeks leading up to summer, don’t get beleaguered by the business side. Take a quick look at these 4 short videos (less than 2 minutes each) to reframe the challenges and consider solutions for getting more kids into your program.

It’s not too late to ACTIVE-ate your next session!

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Streamline supplies for accuracy & convenience

Remember the fun of shopping for wilderness camp? Or arriving at art class to pristine paints and charcoal pencils? New supplies are part of the fun of every new kids’ program, building anticipation with shiny new tools and gear. Besides increasing revenue for you, supplying and outfitting kids can be simplified for directors—and parents—with help from our Camp & Class Manager merchandising feature.

  Gear Up With Goods Merchandising [Video, 1:30 minutes]

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Increase focus with reporting

Poring over descriptions of camp and class programs stirs imagination in kids—and their parents. There’s nothing like finding that perfect fit — whether it’s baking, robotics, costume design, or a wilderness adventure.

What’s drawing kids to your school? Which programs are most popular? How can you meet the demand without overloading your schedule? ACTIVE’s Camp & Class Manager reporting helps answer these important questions, so you can focus your energy on young minds and exciting programs. How reporting can help:

The Proof is in the Reporting [Video, 1:33 minutes]

Featurette reporting video with clicker


Simplify supplemental forms

Supervising kids can be risky business. But staffers and parents accept certain risks knowing that adventure yields growth and joy. To this end, necessary precautions are top priority. Avoid the headaches of collecting forms and waivers with Camp & Class Manager’s electronic and customizable forms:

Forms Don’t Have to be a Headache [Video, 1:30 min]

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Automate registration

Communication, data, payments, and forms: It’s all about getting kids to the fun of your program or camp. Camp & Class Manager can do the heavy-lifting in the areas that tax you most.


Registration Should Be as Fun as Your Program [Video 1:30 minutes]

Featurette registration video with clicker

If you like what you see on any of these videos, simply complete the form on the video page to connect with a software specialist!