The Best Mother’s Day Gift You Can Give Campers’ Moms

Gift for momAs summer approaches, you’re probably putting a lot of effort into filling enrollments and preparing for the best camp season yet.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (May 8), now is a good time to think about not just your campers, but their moms.

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Why Moms?

Financially speaking, U.S. moms control the purse strings at home – to the tune of $5 trillion per year and growing.1 They are extremely savvy, conquering the internet, researching products, seeking out deals and participating actively in word of mouth recommendations.

  • 78% of women use the internet for product information before making a purchase
  • When researching purchases, moms look to social media recommendations 243% more than other demographics do
  • 70% of moms have posted about a brand’s product or service on social media

What Do Moms Want?mom in kitchen with phone

This one’s clear: Moms want anything that makes their lives easier, the most important of which isTIME: Time for themselves, time with their kids, time to accomplish everything they set out to do in their day, time for a few luxuries here and there.

The good news? You can give moms exactly what they want. Provide moms with the time they seek by:

  • Getting online and mobile. 9 out of 10 moms have their phones by their side while shopping, watching TV, in the car, in bed and in the kitchen. They manage their entire lives from the palms of their hand, including registering their children for camp, managing payment and reading/responding to all communications. Getting online is not a nice-to-have. It’s how your target audience runs her business.

See how easy it could be to run your business with class or camp management software. 

  • Running a fun, safe, reliable, enriching camp for their children. If moms spend hours researching a new appliance for their home, imagine the time and attention they put into investigating and assessing a camp for their beloved children. No stone will be unturned. Run the best camp you can, like the campers are your very own family, and moms will rest easy and enjoy that time away from their children. And, they’ll make sure the whole online world knows how happy they are, too.

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  • Thinking outside the box. How amazing is it – that just as camp season gets started – there’s a built-in, special day to celebrate your target audience: Mother’s Day. What an opportunity! What are you doing to support them that week? Perhaps it’s a special day-camp or Mother’s Day Out program the Friday before Mother’s Day. Perhaps it’s a free sports instruction or lesson for mothers of enrolled kids. Whatever you choose to do, do something that shows you value them and their time.

This May, consider Mother’s Day to be the prime opportunity and reminder to improve your business and engage your target audience. Getting online and going mobile could be the best gift you give moms—and YOURSELF—this  Mother’s Day.

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