Does Your Organization Need Complete Management Software? Maybe Not.


Year after year we’re amazed by our program clients and camp partners who think outside the box to enrich kids’ lives with your creative leadership and outstanding programs.

As a technology company, we often discussNuMinds CTA the value of a complete management solution with organizers like you. Naturally, we’ve seen the game-changing effects of comprehensive technology on programs, but we do occasionally meet kids’ program organizers who conclude that they don’t need it.

Not everyone does.

We’ve come to see that perhaps not every organization does need that level of technology. For those who’ve wondered if program quality or their current customer base is enough to grow their organization–or whether they even want to grow their organization–here’s a quick evaluation to help you decide:

[Video] See how technology saved this fantastic kids’ program.

I Might Not Need All-in-One Management Technology If…

  • My organization is growing at just the pace I can handle
  • I don’t want my organization to get bigger; I like offering a home-grown feel (or maybe, like Acadia Institute of Oceanography camp, you don’t have the physical space to grow any larger.)
  • My camp or class niche is so well established that even as my current customers’ age out, I won’t be hurting for new ones. I have a waiting list for years to come.
  • I’m fortunate enough to have an army of volunteers who move the dial – and my business – forward.
  • The free and/or segregated technology solutions I use get the job done, so I can enjoy focusing on my programs.
  • I haven’t had any parent complaints about dealing with my organization.
  • My organization is a well-oiled machine, with consistently excellent and well-executed programs filled to a satisfactory capacity.

If these are all true for you—AND you still have time for a personal life—congratulations! You either already have or don’t need an all-in-one solution.

But if even one of these is not true, consider…

I Might Need All-in-One Management Technology If…

  • I want to carve out more time for programming and improvement and spend less time on administrative duties.
  • I want to eliminate some of the frustration my staff and I feel completing tedious tasks and correcting unnecessary errors.
  • I’d like to offer more convenience to my customers (read: Parents).
  • I want to eliminate any barriers that prevent others from supporting my mission.
  • I wish more kids could experience the great programs I’ve developed for them.
  • I need to grow my revenue in order to stay in business.

So, what did you learn about your organization?

Camp or class management software might not be for everyone, but if…

–your vision to help kids isn’t being realized at the pace you’d hoped…

–your technology is turning out to be a barrier to growth and sanity…

–you’re thinking about throwing in the towel…

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