5 Smart Ways to Play the Social Media Game

Who's lurking in your social media shadows blog image

For those of you using social media to promote your business, we know from experience that every post, tweet and status update can feel like a shot in the dark.

Sometime you surprise yourself and do a happy dance at your desk as you see the likes and shares increase before your eyes. Other times you hit “enter” and wait, silently, imagining your carefully crafted content spiraling down a dark, black hole. “Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there..?”

Behold, the Lurkers

Fear not, social warriors. Your work is likely reaching more people than you think. Social media strategists report that up to 90% of social media users are “lurkers”. Lurkers are those who peruse social media without commenting, liking or otherwise engaging in any way. They are consumers of content. They are your customers. They just aren’t talking. And, that may not be such a bad thing.

The key is figuring out who and how many are actually clicking your links and reading your content. “Likes” and “Shares” can’t tell you that, but the right analytics can.

Five ways to play the social media & DIGITAL GAME SMARTER, not harder.

 Soc Med Strategy #1

Page Analytics by Google is an easy way to see which links get the most attention on any given page, helping you understand how readers interact with your content, whether they comment or not. It also explains which keywords are bringing visitors to you and whether they are new or returning readers. Best of all, it’s free of charge.

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Soc Med Strategy #1

Part of successful social media is having a presence, but this doesn’t mean everything you share has to be original content. Curating information from relevant sources and sharing as an expert in the field is a great way to develop presence without hours and hours of content creation. 

Even if it doesn’t seem to change registrations or revenue, it’s helping to keep your name in mind and to build rapport through the types of content you share.

Soc Med Strategy #3

Are you marketing via email? Include links to your social media accounts or most recent/relevant posts. Embed hyperlinks within blog content to other blog posts you’ve written or to your website. When you find relevant keywords within your content that can link to your other online locations, maximize the connection.

Soc Med Strategy #4

What are the trending hashtags on Twitter this week? Which videos are going viral? If you know the trends (which change weekly, or even daily), you can figure out a way to join and ride the wave.

For example, during the week Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Lattes return, you could post a piece entitled, “The Signs of Fall: Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Back to School, and Summer Camp Surveys.” 

Soc Media Strategy #5

According to Sam Parr, founder of The Hustle, there are two types of headlines: Search and social. Search headlines are built for the search engines and contain the words your readership or customers would typically search for. Social headlines entice a reader and engage their curiosity.

In a perfect world, these two types of headlines are married. If that doesn’t make sense, putting thought into your approach does. One strategy is to start with a social headline (which tends to have a more pronounced impact initially) and then change the headline to include more search terms after the buzz wears off (Search headlines live on longer.).

Social media can feel like a game sometimes. If you’re putting effort into building your business’s social platform, it only makes sense to learn the rules of the game. Start with these tips and don’t give up – This is a marathon, not a sprint.