A Shout Out to the Classy Folks: School Directors

Teachers and Directors, we think you have class! What you do day-in-and-day-out deserves celebration.

Besides creating great class management solutions to help you operate and grow your business, we also wanted to help you reframe–for just a moment–the humorous side of your calling with a few teacher memes.

So old-school, it’s coming back.

Meme.Will Farrell outside

That’s what it takes.Meme.Crazy because I like teaching

We’re in awe.Meme.If you can read this

Does “never a dull moment” help?Meme.Pencil sharpener

Job security.Meme.Siblings

You gotta laugh, right?

Meme.Teacher Confession

If only.Meme.Teachers recharge

Seriously, though.

Thank you for what you do. You’re our heroes! We’re here to help make your job easier.