Be Well: 3 Mid-Season Self-Care Tips

Make breaks count

What are your strategies for coping with stress at camp? Even a 30-minute break can revive you if you use it wisely. That might mean reading, meditating, calling home, napping, listening to music, working out, or talking with friends.1

Prioritize sleep

Sleep can be scarce at the height of your program season because you’re tempted to hang out with co-leaders at night, burn the midnight oil on administrative tasks or manage after-hours issues that crop up. Consider setting “curfews” for yourself and your staff. When you get enough sleep each night, you’ll be more capable of handling stress.2

Get help when you need it

Life is stressful—especially at camp! When you experience mild, episodic stress, you can probably find healthy ways to recover. But intense, chronic stress can lead to exhaustion, bad decisions, and risky behavior—all of which can threaten a child in your care, says psychologist Christopher Thurber in Camping Magazine.

“Becoming a youth development professional means recognizing when you’re not firing on all cylinders — and then doing something about it. Remember, it’s a sign of strength to ask for help.3

Camp management software that automates and streamlines your registration, administration and communications might be the best self-care decision you make this year.







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