Ever Wish For Your Own (Free) Marketing Consultant?

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You know kids, and you know how to enrich their lives. But you may feel less confident about the marketing side of your camp or school – especially in the complex, fast-evolving landscape of digital technology.Dramatic Ed CTA

What if you had your own personal digital marketing consultant to guide you? To give you a tangible plan, tailor-made for your organization? To help when you need it?

What if you received this service for free because you’re an ACTIVE camp software customer?

That’s exactly what Marsha Robbins, executive director of Dramatic Education, Inc. received when she turned to ACTIVE’s Digital Marketing Consultants.

In 2014 the Orlando-based arts company had 15 locations with half-full classes. Robbins wanted to increase enrollment and expand locations, but she lacked the budget for in-house marketing staff or traditional outsourced marketing consultants.

With team members certified in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Tag Manager, our Digital Marketing Consultant program provided a free marketing plan and strategy that included:

  • Social media consultation, strategy, and action plan
  • Website redesign
  • Search engine optimization
  • Brand unification across all online and social platforms

By following the plan, Dramatic Arts has:

  • Doubled revenue
  • Opened 12 more locations, nearly at capacity
  • Added 3 summer programs in one market alone

Instead of spending staff energy on filling classes, Ms. Robbins can now focus on building the full potential of her mission to enrich the lives of school-aged children through the arts.

“Why wouldn’t you want this kind of insight?” she says. “More people need to know about ACTIVE’s Digital Marketing Consultants so that they can grow, too.”

Dramatic Ed cropped thumbnailTo learn more about the marketing support that doubled revenue for Dramatic Education:

Go ahead. Imagine what our Digital Marketing Consultants could do for you!