How Searching for New Software is Like Playing the Telephone Game

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Remember playing the telephone game?

As youngsters, most of us played some version of the telephone game (a.k.a. operator, grapevine, broken telephone, whisper down the lane, gossip, secret message, the messenger game, or pass the message).

10 Questions Choosing Class Software imageWhatever you called it, the telephone game is a classic metaphor for the inherent tendency of human communication to go awry. Hopefully, when you played, you weren’t one of those mischievous kids who changed the message on purpose to increase the laugh at the end.

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Why Searching for Class Management Software Feels Confusing

The telephone game is alive and well in the software industry. First, there are so many solutions with different feature sets, it’s hard to compare apples to apples. Then, software discernment can be complicated by competitors’ marketing messages or by customers who bought the wrong software for their needs or never really learned how to use it and then complained about its flaws. There’s also individual inexperience with terminology and features, as well as legitimate concerns about technology, thrown into the mix as well.

All of this creates static in the communication channels, making it difficult for you to sort through the information.

Level the Playing Field

No matter which solutions you’re considering, we want to help you to do your homework first to make sure you choose the software that’s right for you (whether it’s ours or not). As you consider your next class management software purchase, we’d like to offer you our checklist: 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Class Management Software for Your School.

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What you’ll find:

  • Who to include in your evaluation process
  • How to make sure your decision works for the long term
  • Why you should consider the total cost of ownership and not just the price of the software

…and more!

Immediately Download the checklist to start asking the right questions before you ever pick up the telephone.