[Slideshow] How Do Kids Activity Directors Envision Success?

We’ve been noticing something about the amazing people who choose our camp and class management software.

Camp directors, school directors, coaches, athletic directors, mentors – many times these folks want something different than your typical business owner. The traditional thinking is that anyone who launches a program wants it to grow as big as it can. Every dollar earned is a tick mark toward the tangible “success” by which most enterprises measure themselves.

Not so with this gang.

The measuring stick of success is love blog image

You measure your success in smiles, giggles, and challenges overcome. Your yardstick for accomplishment is another season or session filled with memories that will scatter across the miles and the years to show up later in exemplary character, leadership, love of nature, resilience in the face of adversity, lifelong friendships, tall-tales for the next generation…and So. Much. More.

It’s true that for some of you, success includes numeric and financial growth, but not apart from the love of your calling.


So, please accept our thank you at the end of this, another summer of blessing kids, for the opportunity to serve and support you with camp and class management software and other resources, and be a part of the kind of success you–and we–value.

How do YOU envision success?