How ACTIVEkids Got Even More “Ridiculously Easy”


When ACTIVEkids first launched, one of my friends field tested it. I posted her story, From a Camp Mom: “ACTIVEkids is ridiculously easy!”, which contrasted two experiences: Her son’s tennis camp registration, through ACTIVEkids, and her daughter’s dance class registration, not through ACTIVEkids. The difference was remarkable.

If you’re not familiar with, you can learn more about it here:

How to Raise Your Brand Awareness (and more) without Lifting a Finger

How ACTIVEkids has grown

In the year and half since we launched, the site has become the world’s largest kids’ activity site, boasting more than 440,000 activities, easily filtered to find the ones that are relevant to busy parents.

It’s an activity organizers’ dream, too, with more than 1.2 million visits annually! And ACTIVE customers’ activities are listed automatically – they don’t have to do a thing!

Data-Driven Decisions

Discovering that 46% of visitors to access the site through their mobile devices meant that an ACTIVEkids app made sense.

Now, it’s even easier to manage kids’ activities!

This ACTIVEkids on-the-go version of the popular online marketplace gives parents a central location for managing all of their kids’ activities, whether they’re searching for baseball leaguesswimming classe, or after-school science or art enrichment programs.

How it Works

In just a few minutes’ time, parents can create custom profiles for their children. Next, they select relevant filters (such as gender, age, geographical location and program preferences). Parents are quickly served up activities and events that fit their search criteria. The app makes it easy to do this from virtually anywhere and at any time.

The app can store all current and past activity and payment details, making it easy for parents to manage details for multiple activities from one dashboard, quickly and efficiently.

Download the app for free at the App Store and Google Play.

Check it out!