Pop-Up Sessions: Engage Campers When Nobody’s Thinking About Camp


We talk a lot about engaging with your customers during the off season, but do you struggle with how, exactly, to do that?

Just talking about your camp or school when your participants aren’t thinking about you isn’t going to cut it, but these new pop-up session ideas might!

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Facebook Live, which allows you to become a live broadcaster for free on Facebook. It’s the perfect place and way to host free mini pop-up sessions that put your brand in front of customers at a time when your camp or class may be the last thing on their minds.

Your business requires you to have a lot of useful skills. Dig into your bag of tricks for helpful tips–for kids or parents–that you can share for the holidays on Facebook Live. With minimal effort from you, a pop-up camp or class could also give prospective customers a free and useful sample of your expertise, personality, and teaching style.

4 Ideas for the Holidays…and Beyond!

1. Creative Costuming Tips for Halloween

Directors of drama, dance, or arts & crafts camps have great styling ideas for make-up and costumes.

Find your angle: Target families scrambling for last-minute costumes or those wanting to dress up for Halloween on the cheap. (Have you seen what store-bought costumes cost these days?!) Show kids how to scavenge their closets or make a trip to the dollar store to create popular costumes with minimal investment from Mom and Dad. Or demonstrate a make-up secret for a specific look.

2. Cooking Tips and Food Art for the Holiday Season

Directors of classes with a food focus: the possibilities are endless! And directors serving kids with special needs can dish on fun and helpful food options, too.

Find your angle: Channel your inner Rachael Ray and host a pie-making demo in time for Thanksgiving, cookie decorating for Christmas, or challah bread baking for Hanukkah. How about a demo for favorite dishes and treats that comply with special dietary restrictions? Or go a different direction: Show your virtual campers how to create baking mixes or other food-related gifts.

3. Just for Fun Outdoor Ideas

In the fall, demonstrate how to press autumn leaves.

In the winter, show kids some fun snowman ideas to encourage outdoor play even in the cold.

4. Favorite Ideas for Homemade Gifts

Directors of camps and classes featuring technology and arts of all kinds can share their best bets for fun gifts.


Find your angle:

  • Arts & Crafts: For today’s parent, minimalism reigns. Tap into the trend with gifts created from recyclables or a one-stop shopping list that yields cool gifts with zero leftovers.
  • Computer and photography: Photos and videos make memorable keepsakes and send a special holiday message. For beginners, show them how to add text to a photo at Canva.com (free) and turn it into a card. Consider a Photoshop workshop that helps your virtual campers produce higher-quality photos for calendars, memory books, and collages. A kid-produced family movie could help take the pressure off Mom and Dad to capture all the best holiday moments.
  • Performing arts: Homespun family entertainment may be the secret to the best gifts of the year. How about treating your mini-campers to a song-writing, poetry-writing, or improv workshop? Children could perform their creations for holiday gatherings. (No doubt, a welcome diversion from food and board games!)Kids in one family I know created a puppet show — homemade personalities on popsicle sticks — as a “performance gift” for family members visiting from out of town. The show highlighted each person’s special gifts and interests, delighting all with the insight and thoughtfulness of the givers.

5. Training for a Family Fun Run

Directors of sports or fitness camps can bring health and wellness to the forefront, even as weather cools, stress intensifies, and comfort foods abound.

Find your angle: Holiday fun runs can become a great tradition for families that shifts the focus from food to fitness and gifts to giving. Give tips on how families can choose a charitable event and raise money together, while also training to run the race. An event like this can galvanize good food choices and a new commitment to family exercise during one of the busiest, foodiest times of year.

Announce your Facebook Live Pop-Up Session

Naturally, you’ll need to let people know in advance when you’ll be live. Facebook and other social media platforms are a good place to start, but an email to your previous campers could help bring even more viewers.

Nervous about going live? Use these pop-up session ideas as videos on all your channels! Just start getting comfortable in front of the camera.

To heighten your exposure, your Facebook Live pop-up session should last at least 10 minutes, according to Facebook experts. Because viewers can post comments and questions during your event, they’ll love it when a coworker responds to them while you’re live, and you devote time for Q&A at the end.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!