5 Business Priorities to Consider Now for 2017


One of the hardest things about running a camp or business can be finding time to focus on your business framework itself. To plan and strategize. To learn new technology. To refresh your marketing tools. To broaden your customer base.

As we move into a reflective holiday season, now is a great time to start examining your progress in 2016 and shaping your plans for the coming year. You may find answers by asking the right questions.

calendar-iconMake a date with yourself to answer these questions:

GROWTH: In which areas has my camp or business grown in 2016? What actions can I take to make sure these areas continue to thrive? Which areas of my business need more attention? What actions can I take to address these? Does my program need a visual face-lift?

MISSION: Have my overall mission and vision changed in any way? How can I accommodate those changes? If my vision or mission has not changed, how am I staying on course?

RESOURCES: What technology or resources are available that can help me make progress? How can I access these? Do I have too much admin to find time to spend on my program?

PRIORITIES: What are my priorities for the coming year? How can I adjust my daily routine to support these priorities?

GOALS and TRACKING: How often will I revisit my progress? How will I measure growth?

timer-icon-2Get Started

Now you’ve got the questions above simmering in the back of your mind, and you’ve set a date on the calendar to address them. Next pinpoint a few things that are really bugging you – right now! At this time of year, it becomes tempting to push lots of things until “after the holidays.” Remember, that’s still nearly two months away!

  1. Jot down a quick list of business priorities you’ve been avoiding.
  2. Make an appointment with yourself this week (or ASAP!) to deal with one of the priorities you listed.
  3. As soon as you address that item, write down the next business priority that feels pressing, and make another appointment to deal with it.

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If you start planning and working toward your business goals now, you’ll be one step ahead on January 1.


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