Last Minute Revenue Idea: After School Holiday Gift Workshop


In case you haven’t noticed, we love sharing ideas for off-season camps & classes. So we can’t resist suggesting one more as the holidays shift into gear: An after-school gift workshop. (read: a crash course for kids in homemade gifts)

You can increase your off-season revenue, and win points with parents during the busiest time of year or adapt these ideas for your after school program. If you can create useful or consumable gifts with minimal clutter, you’ll score even higher with today’s parents.

Here are 6 ideas to get you started, along with links containing instructions.

Living Giftterrarium

A recycled glass terrarium makes a beautiful, growing gift that can thrive in a recyclable glass container. Explore angles in science and horticulture to add educational interest. (Source: NASA Climate Kids) Here’s how. 

Foodie Gift (No craft or cooking skills required!)

Snack bags give sports+fitness camp directors a chance to get in on the gifting fun while teaching kids nutrition skills. Purchase bulk quantities of healthy, non-perishable snacks, and show kids how to sort and compile them into gift bags. All the while, you can teach kids how to read nutrition labels and assess ingredients for optimum health benefits. (Source: Simply Real Health) Snack ideas.

A Useful Keepsakehand-sculpted-jewelry-tray

A jewelry dish in the shape of a child’s hand will sit beautifully on any bathroom vanity, bedside table or kitchen windowsill. Most children love a chance to work with clay, and they’ll enjoy watching the colors blend and bake. (Source: Rhythms of Play). Here’s how.

For Book Loversstamped-bookplates-martha-stewart

Handmade bookplates work well as a complementary or stand-alone gift for booklovers. (Source: Martha Stewart) Here’s how. Supplies are minimal, and you can add a printmaking lesson by showing kids how to sculpt their own homemade stamps out of potatoes. (With plastic knives, of course!) (Sources: The Guardian and Skip To My Lou) Here’s how. Or here.



Upcycle Optionsgrocery-bag-basket

Nesting baskets woven from grocery bags make unique gifts while kids learn about an ancient craft. You can touch on all kinds of education angles, from history and social studies to art and the environment. (Source: Lia Griffith) Here’s how.

no-sew-tote-bagsReusable grocery bags can be made from old t-shirts with a series of simple, no-sew steps. Encourage kids to bring their old t-shirts, or purchase second-hand shirts yourself. You can discuss with kids the value of reusable bags, fresh fruit+veggies, and even second-hand shopping. (Source: Hello Glow and Instructables) Here’s how. Or here.


Tip: Kids can help with supplies by bringing recyclables from home (i.e. recycled glass containers, brown paper grocery bags, or old t-shirts). Also make sure you add time to your workshop for gift wrapping and labeling gifts.

If you get enthusiastic about the educational aspect of your gifts, consider sending home an activity page that will help kids continue learning at home. Ideas for keeping kids busy during the holidays will be welcomed!

Or use as a Pop-up Camp/Class idea on Facebook Live, crediting the original source, of course!