Epic Entertainment Ideas for Anyone Who Works with Kids

Kids activity directors are experts at keeping youngsters active, and we’re in awe of your passion, stamina, and creativity. But even you may sometimes run out of fresh ideas, so we pulled together a cache of suggested fun that can fill your programs or kickstart your idea-generator!

Solve an ultimate mystery

Surprise and suspense are key elements of successful entertainment. That automatically puts mystery games at the top of the list. The exercise of brain power makes them popular with not only kids but also parents and educators.

  • Escape Rooms have exploded in recent years1 as a theatrical, interactive game for groups. You pay for the opportunity to be locked into rooms riddled with clues for escape. When you work together to solve the mystery and unlock the room, you win! Summer Camp Pro helps you get campers in on the fun.

Speaking of jumbo-style games …

Favorite games get more interesting when they’re played outdoors on a bigger scale:

  • Ground-marking spray makes Twister an outdoor yard feature that grows out in a few weeks.
  • Travel-sized, actual-sized, or jumbo-sized Connect 4 is always a hit. You can purchase a large-scale version, or DIY.

Enliven your evening with glow-in-the-dark fun

Fun after dark can be taken to new levels with the help of glow sticks. Check out these favorite games played in illuminating style:

  • Thread glow sticks through wiffle balls to start an after-hours game of baseball.
  • Provide colors for each team and a glowing objective for Capture the Flag … er, Glow Stick.

Games for Getting Wet

In the words of Ronnie McDowell, you “got a million of ’em,” we know. And truthfully, everyone’s a winner with water, even without a strategy. But we couldn’t resist these summer games for cooling off.

  • For the game Air Raid, there are “runners” and “bombers.” Runners try to get to the finish line without being hit by bombers who try to pelt them with big, soft sponges soaked in water pails. Who can resist?
  • What could be more fun than a homemade dunking booth? This DIY version is actually a dunk “bucket” that douses the person sitting underneath it as soon as the “thrower” hits the target.

One disclaimer about these ideas: We haven’t actually tried them – that’s your job!  So follow any aforementioned instructions with caution, care and ingenuity.


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