Start Your Year with These 6 Camp Tips From the Pros

Welcome to 2017!

For most of us, a new year involves a look back at the wins, losses and learnings of the previous year. So, we thought we’d look back at yesteryear, cull through some of your peers’ best advice and present you with the top picks. These resources cover staff development, leadership, marketing, and all things camp:

Why Your Staff Doesn’t Bring Things to You, and One Thing that Might Help Them Do So

Author: James Davis, Go Camp Pro

While camp staffers are in the trenches every day with campers, counselors, and activities, you need to know what’s working and not working. This blogpost helps keep those communication lines open with a cool staff training activity+debrief from Go Camp Pro.

Are YOU approachable to your staff?

Author: Murray Irwin, American Camps Association

There are lots of ways to motivate kids to behave appropriately, and the options can be complex. Camping Magazine unpacks 10 different responses to negative behavior, from reinforcing and reprimanding (positive) to rescuing and bribing (negative).

What are YOUR best responses to inappropriate behavior at camp?


Training Staff in What Really Matters

Author: James Davis – Executive Director of the Vanderkamp Center, and the founder of Summer Camp Revolution; Camphacker

It’s the best and the worst of camp – constant togetherness. This CampHacker blogpost gives training ideas and activities to help staffers buy in 1) to the camp mission (It’s not ‘kids’ who are at stake. It’s Camille. And Nick. And Sean. Real human beings …”) and 2) to each other (“Removing the barriers for new staff and veteran staff to interact is key.”)

How do YOU stave off “staff drama”?


7 Reasons Why Your Middle-Schooler Needs Camp

Author: Anne Archer Yetsko, American Camps Association

You know better than anyone why camp matters. You’ve made camp your life, after all. But the American Camp Association put together a great list of succinct reminders about the benefits of camp – particularly useful if you’re marketing to middle schoolers and their parents.

Why do YOU think middle-schoolers need camp?


100 Content Ideas For Your Summer Camp’s Social Media

Author: Doug Ridley, Campfire Marketing

When you’re marketing with social media, a content calendar can help ease that constant feeling that you need to be posting something new. As you look toward the new year, consider mapping out your posts. Here are a few content ideas.

What’s next for YOUR social media calendar?


7 Absolutes of Camp Counseling

Author unknown

The title of this poster says it all. This list puts legs on the most important values of working with campers (or, anyone, for that matter) – like respecting others, being kind, keeping promises, showing you care, using good judgment, and being mindful. We recommend it for pinning, posting, sharing, or laminating. (You’ll need a Pinterest account to copy it.)

What do YOU want staffers to remember most?

May 2017 be your best year of camp yet!