Earth Day is BIG. How Will You Commemorate?

More than 1 billion people will participate in Earth Day 2017 on April 22, now the largest civic observance in the world.1 With your collective interests in the health and wellness of young people, nature, and the community, many of you care deeply about environmental issues. But whether you’re a tree-hugger or not, Earth Day is a great opportunity to connect with your tribe, which most definitely includes lovers of Green. Here are some last-minute ideas:

Record Your “Act of Green”

Inspire parents and kids to do their own “Acts of Green” and join the global tally by recording them at Invite them also to share their green deeds on YOUR social media page for a chance to win some free camp gear. Acts of Green can range from planting trees and avoiding disposable plastic to eating less meat – an industry that “generates nearly one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.”2 Speaking of eating…

Host a Meatless Brainstorming Lunch

Enjoy a long, veggie-intensive lunch with your staff, and brainstorm ways that your office can cut down on waste. Then delegate action items to make ’em happen.

  • Identify at least one marketing piece that you can reallocate to your website, e-mail, or social media marketing.
  • Prioritize at least one new energy-saving policy for your office to follow, whether it’s turning off electronics at the end of the day, making the change to energy-efficient lightbulbs, or boosting your recycling efforts.
  • Are you using technology to its fullest potential? Learn how to save paper and increase your efficiency with your camp and class management software.

Educate Your Students

Introduce one new way to “go green” with kids in your program and educate them about the adjustment you make, whether you invest in more sustainable snacks or plant a tree in honor of your team or cabin. (Did anyone else play on peewee soccer teams that shared big bags of orange slices during halftime? Thank you, 1980s soccer moms!) For more ideas on simple ways to “go green,” check out our go-green blogpost

Plan a Disneynature Field Trip

Invite your students to join you in observing three captivating animal families on the silver screen – pandas, golden monkeys, and snow leopards – with Disneynature’s 2017 Earth Day film, “Born in China.” For tickets purchased during opening week, April 21-27, Disneynature will make a contribution to the World Wildlife Fund. Find out more here. 

Plan a 2018 Earth Day Event

Now’s the time to plan a really cool Earth Day event for next year. Identify one of your staff members who is most passionate about the Earth, and invite her to lead your organizing efforts.

  • Dream Big – Plan a 2018 trip to Washington, D.C., to give your students a broader grasp of Earth Day’s impact and see the nation’s capital in action. This year, a rally and teach-in on the National Mall features speeches and trainings with scientists and civic organizers, musical performances, and a march through city streets. Learn more here.
  • Think Local – Organize a teach-in featuring local experts to promote environmental and climate literacy in your own community. Take advantage of toolkits, and register your event here.
  • Motivate Kids –  Did you see our recent blog post about hosting events in local schools to market your program? Consider an Earth Day theme for next April, and schedule your event in the schools now. Some great ideas can be found at here.

Reducing your footprint and educating students, even in a small way, can have a rippling effect for our planet and humankind.


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