It’s Here: Your Useful Summer Readiness Checklist

Summer is upon us. Are you feeling it? Supplies, facilities, parent and staff communication all compete for your attention. Not to mention prepping your own family for this busy season – new swimsuits and Crocs; backpacks with insulated water bottles, sunscreen, and Ziploc bags – and labeling EVERYTHING!

Feeling prepared has a lot to do with planning and focus, so with those things in mind, we’ve started a summer readiness checklist for you. Download the checklist.

Get Ahead with Technology

As you prepare to spend even less time in the office in coming months, make sure your pressing admin needs are at your fingertips, and take advantage of automated reporting and communication features in your Camp & Class Manager or other software. Here are a few things to prioritize:

  • Keep registrations coming in – Plan to fill any open spots with “flash sales.” They create a sense of urgency and excitement in your customers. And remember to turn on Cart Abandonment and Refer a Friend features.
  • Prioritize parent communication – As camp prep ramps up for you, parent questions also start flooding in. Anticipate parents’ needs by scheduling reminder e-mails for them. Also, create a social media calendar so you keep parents updated when life at camp actually begins.
  • Stay informed about the big picture – Plan regular reviews of reports commonly needed during your busy season:
    • Session Capacity Report
    • Outstanding Balances
    • Waitlist Report
  • Get help when you need it –If you’re an ACTIVE customer, take advantage of Camp & Class Manager tech support available anytime. If you’re not, connect with us here to see how soon you could be up and running with camp and class management software.

Solidify Leadership Mindsets

Effective leadership tactics can slip when pressure is on (and that’s when you most need them!). Remind yourself frequently about best practices for camp leadership. Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Let people know what you need, but don’t micro-manage. Clearly explain the process and what you expect the outcome to be. But when possible, give people the freedom to be creative.
  • Be flexible, but don’t accommodate. You will never be able to please everyone, and you risk losing control if you try.
  • Leave your ego at the door, but don’t be indecisive. Though camp is not about you (it’s about the kids), you’re the one ultimately responsible for the safety and well-being of everyone involved.
  • Practice accountability, but don’t beat yourself up if something goes wrong. How well your team leads is a direct reflection of how you’ve prepared them. But mistakes and missteps are inevitable.
  • Practice spontaneity, but don’t stress yourself out. As great as some of your ideas may be, nobody will notice the absence of the ones you weren’t able to execute!
  • Seek regular feedback from those you trust, but don’t play favorites. While you should have go-to people for accountability, wisdom, and counsel, make sure you’re listening to constructive feedback from everyone.

Prioritize Self-Care

You can’t lead effectively or respond under pressure when you’re overworked, sleep-deprived, and mentally or emotionally vulnerable. Here are some ideas for preserving your sanity so you can offer your best self to others.

Be Well: Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

  • Nurture yourself physically. You know the drill. Get plenty of exercise, good nutrition, and sleep. But give yourself grace – though you may not have time for your usual health routines, maintenance is the key. Spend 30 minutes playing pick-up basketball or walking outdoors. Stock up on good snacks, like nuts, fruit, and raw veggies, when healthy food options are limited. And never underestimate the importance of sleep!

Be Well: 3 Mid-Season Self-care Tips

  • Be present when you’re with family. You might not have all the usual touchpoints with your spouse and kids, but you can make the most of the time available. When you’re together, be present – silence your phone, make eye contact, and do lots of laughing.
  • Connect with friendsbut only those who will refresh and energize you. Set aside your more taxing relationships when you have more time.
  • Make time for yourself. Let your brain rest and find ways to energize – whatever that means for you. Take up a good book, turn on your favorite tunes, deep clean your bathroom, or love on your dog.

Be Well: 4 Self-care Tips for Ending the Season Strong

When you feel scattered, forgetful, irritable, or emotional, pay attention to your need to reset.

Connect with us here to find out how Camp & Class Manager can support your sanest season yet.


You’ve planned for all the known —  and many of the unknown —situations you could face this season. This checklist can serve as a reminder to set a strong mental and physical foundation to support your leadership and to offload the tasks that you can through delegation, prioritization, and technology.

Download the checklist (same content as this blogpost)


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