This is How Your Technology Creates Magic For Parents

Parents are stressed. If there’s one thing they crave, it’s simplicity. For things to work as they should. For the technical details of child-rearing to be easier so they can focus on the weightier matters.

Tim Hudson, founder of SixBySix Performance Lacrosse Courses in England, knows this. And he weaves that understanding into his mission and operational strategy.

Divided Focus

With a focus on bringing the principles of elite sport to ambitious young athletes and helping them to develop resilience, Tim soon discovered that operations were taking more of his focus than he preferred, and his number one goal for parents –sharing quality information at the right time — was getting more difficult as the program grew.

Putting Parents at ease

Knowing that parents have many concerns about their children and their children’s activities, Tim wants parents to feel that being part of SixBySix is a good investment.

“Parents are trusting you to look after their kids. They have expectations of
a piece of magic you can create.”

Tim recognizes that in today’s online world, you’re a faceless entity. Parents have to trust that your program will be a good use of their kids’ time. Your camp or class management software is one of the first lines of defense in reassuring them that their confidence isn’t misplaced.

Every time they register for an event in minutes without a hassle and receive immediate confirmation and a list of what’s needed — even if they’re registering at midnight the night before it starts — their confidence and relief that they’ll be able to pull off tomorrow’s details grows.

Ask any parent: That’s magical.

Read or download Tim and SixBySix’s program management software story to learn how you can create magic, too.