Prevention as a Way of Life in Your Organization

The number one concern of a camp manager or recreation director is safety, full stop. As the digital world becomes as important to managing your organization as the physical assets you own, you have more concerns than ever before.

We believe prevention is the key to a truly safe environment, whether it be your digital assets or your facilities. Here are a few recommendations on being proactive in your safety measures rather than reactive.

Personal and Equipment Safety

You should always have an emergency safety plan ready in the event something happens. The key to reducing the need to use that emergency safety plan is to have a risk manager responsible for evaluating risk and implementing response initiatives to keep emergencies from happening in the first place.

Make sure there’s a member of your team specifically responsible for:

  • Updating your crisis communication plan
  • Training staff members on appropriate safety measures
  • Responding to client complaints and feedback
  • Handling appropriate waivers for your equipment

Staff Screenings

As more light continues to be shed on the #MeToo sexual abuse conversation, it’s important to be mindful of this when hiring camp staff that will be working with young children. By conducting background checks, hosting staff trainings on how to report abuse, and encouraging parents to engage in this conversation, your organization is poised to address issues up front.

Technology Failsafes

From an external-facing perspective, when it’s crunch-time – AKA registration season – you can’t afford to be sidetracked by clients frustrated that your technology doesn’t work. Choosing vendors with a proven record of uptime is a must, but if you do have a problem, does the vendor provide 24/7 online access for support and an always-available portal for parents to access information?

Internally, a data breach is the worst nightmare of any organization, and can ruin your brand name and client trust for years to come. Level 1 PCI compliance and a fully-hosted, private cloud-based solution like ACTIVE’s are your best preventive defense.

Public cloud options are notorious for being easy to hack, and trying to create an in-house solution can often set you up for learning all too late that your team’s technical expertise was not as thorough as you expected.

A culture of prevention will stop “what ifs” in their tracks, and give you more peace of mind so you can focus on growing your organization rather than mitigating risk. Talk to us today to get more ideas on making your organization as safe as possible from a digital perspective.